The Blameful Two

The Blameful Two

 The world broke as their hearts bled the shadows of their misery. Seeping upon the world, flooding with the scars of agony. Their eyes trembling beneath the moonlight as their blood stained hands shimmer. 

 Their lips sewn as each is caught in a lie. Both bare, exposed to their duality. Their curtains drawn thus unmasks the bodies they have slain. The skeletons of truth dragged through the spoils of deceit.

 Each, unwilling to speak. Their cheeks flush in rose petals. Their skin taut to the anxiety of their arrest. They are now the victims of themselves and each the other.

 Two hell's preached in the underbelly of their weakness. The fraudulent thought in avoidance of pain. And now they stand as nude as the beginning of life, Adam and Eve.

 Shaking, they are without words. Silent, bearing only tears that fall to the blood soaked floors. The dark whirlpools of hypocrisy. Neither is without sin and neither is without murder.

 Their souls weep dearly as they riot to escape. Stretching from the ribs, the silhouettes of their hearts scream. Faceless wounds banter in surrender. But neither is willing.

 Their tongues twist to infatuation of ego. 

 Their words now flow from their mouths with rage. Their wrongs seek to eviscerate, to accuse the other. Their eyes now boil, their tears now yell along side them.

 Their hearts remain silent as they are trampled by the fowl greed of self. Indulged these two, in their weakness. Their chains heavy and neither wishes to present the key for the other.

 And so the shadows spring from the broth of their misery. And thus darkness consumes their pleading wings. The stage is set, bones quivering beneath their feet. 

Ego 1 "It was you, you brought this upon us!"

Ego 2 " No, it was you, you who led us to this!"

 Ego 1 pulls from their back a knife, "This, this is yours, the night you said you'd be home, but were out with them!"

 Ego 2, pulls a knife from their back, "See this, this blade of selfish misery, you plunged it into my spine the moment you crawled beneath me. Only to have the scent of another!"

 Ego 1, " It was your fault, you drew me to them. Your incessant need for my presence drove me mad. You were a leech upon my heart!."

 Ego 2 weeps in heavy sorrow. Their back arches as they draw their eyes to the floor. "But…but I…I only wanted you to know I loved you….why did't you say anything? Why….why coax me to hang upon your lips like sugar? Only to savor me when you wish.

 Ego 1 with eyes of crimson and lips of black, "I tried, I tried to be there for you. But I sought you out in ache of my own broken heart. I sought you for the void of my own emptiness and you…you are no innocence, you as well placed me upon your lips. Swelling your affectionate greed with every lick you had. I was nothing but the scratch to the itch that you could not scratch yourself."

 Ego 1, "How dare you say that, you pushed me away and so I fell into another. They had ribs I could confide in. Eyes I could dream with and words I could consume."

 The stage shrinks as the shadows dawn closer. The stench of bones and blood begins to thicken. Their voices begin to shrink as their sins find no repentance. They streak their bodies with blame and walk with eyes against their feet. 

 Ego 1, with their spine crooked and head tilted in twisted fashion with their eyes dulling in color, "I….I…I never meant to hurt you but you suffocated me. You drenched me in your obsession like a child to its doll. Dragging me by the arm where ever you go. Who would not go mad in that, who would not wish to turn away and run?" Ego 1's tongue flops from his mouth like loose rope.

 Ego 2, "I only wanted you to feel loved. But I guess I was wrong. Maybe I needed you less and me more. But you never let me speak. You only broke me down. You left me feeling as if I was nothing more than a fleeting moment and you were waiting for me to fade. It was you who drove me to this. " Ego 2 reaches to their back and plucks from it another knife. 

 Each drowning in their suffering of their souls. Life weighs heavy as their lies come to words yet spoken as truths. Ego 2, with an arched back, eyes to the bones and knife in hand. 

 Lunges with blind rage toward ego 1.

 Ego 1, crooked in spine and soaked in deceit struggles to move. But pulls from its back a knife. And it too lunges in blind rage. The sound of souls scream, the crackling of bones crushed beneath their feet echoes. As the sound of splashing blood swirls about the stage.

 Their steps as rapid as that of a rolling stone. And without any thought, they plunge each other with a knife, but this time in the gut. Their breaths instantly shallow. Their eyes entwine as their tears now fall in the gasps of death.

 Blood curdles from their mouths as their lungs collapse. Their eyes now fall as pitch as their shadows. And their souls, their souls fall to the crimson floors, lost to the skeletons they never shared.

 - -

How much pain can we cause another?

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