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Turmoil- One Of My Favorites

This is a story plucked from my first book. It is one of my favorites that was inspired by a story a friend of mine had told about himself growing up. I thought you my like to see how my writings has changed from a year ago till now. Maybe you see no change, maybe you do. Let me know!

And Thank you for reading! 

His legs stretch just inches from the fire as it dances like Gypsies in celebration. Playing shadows across his face while his eyes prey upon the words in the book he holds in his tense eager hands. He holds the book so tight the blood ceases to make its way to his fingertips. Like ghosts his fingers shine between the shadows the fire molds, not once does he look up from his book or loosen his grip. As shadows play smiles and games across his face, across his body, across the entire area from which the flames embrace. The wind casts a mighty hand through the trees and the empty space that lie open between nature and flesh. The man never takes a second glance from his book as …

What Has Reading Become?

Will books and reading become obsolete?

Growing up a lot has changed since I have been born. I was born 1987, near the end of one of biggest rises in the economy and the massive boost in technology. Internet became accessible in our homes. It allowed people to start connecting with other's around the world. To talk about what ever and whenever. Chat rooms were a huge boost in connections with people, then came video websites. Places like ebaums world. A website dedicated to whatever videos people wanted to upload. Then came YouTube. A company that did a better job marketing and understanding the constant change going on in the world. Soon, Amazon became a huge success and let us not forget cell phones. Cell phones was a huge change for the economy and social life. You could now contact friends and family from practically anywhere you were. It led to what I believe the first major change in how we saw change in efficiency. No longer did you have to wait to call someone you wanted to…

A Warrior's Enemy

The distant sun grazes across the horizon like bleeding fruit. The sound of a roaring battle echoes over open fields. Mist glazes the grounds hiding blades of grass that stand ready to drink the sun, as swords clash, arrows cut through the air, and men die. Thousands of warriors fiercely look into the eyes of their enemy. Eyes, filled with fury, pulsing with the vision to bring death upon their opponent. To hollow the earth of another life. With each fury of strikes, heavy breaths bellow in their chests as blood is forced from flesh by steel. Screams of death pierce the air but no warrior has time to listen. For each second, is a moment spent at the foot of deaths throne. The chill air of death slumbers in the bones of these men.  And no man can be saved by the blade of the dead. The sun begins to rise higher in the sky, coating the skies with an orange haze. The mist continues to glaze the ground with a frozen presence. The smell of blood and horror swallows the air. Fierce screams o…

Monday, Now What?

Its Monday, I don't hate Monday, I actually quite enjoy them. It's another day to live and another day to enjoy the things and people I love, even if it is only for a moment of the day. But this Monday, today, I am stuck. I can't seem to figure out what to write about for today's blog. So here I go, let me fill you with ramblings of a simple writer.

I woke up today to my thoughts being jumbled and my ability to write estranged. This isn't the first time this has happened and neither will it be the last. The fact that it is happening today really kills me. Monday usually sets the precedence for the entire week. How I start off Monday usually shows how the week will go for me. Not to say nothing will get done but rather, things will get done with sluggish intent and with an anxious tongue. Right now, it feels like the gears in my mind are frozen. They are stuck grinding teeth not knowing which way to spin. All my thoughts feel like paper, tossed to the rain of cold em…

My Last Story

Okay, well, I am near done with my second book, I have one last story to complete. Maybe another 10,000 words or so and I should be done. But, its so fun writing this story, I cant stop writing and I have already gone way past my word count goal for this book! I have been writing non stop with this last story, which is continued from the first book. Been writing so much my fingers started to cramp up the other day. I had to take a day off from writing in my book it was so bad. I have never had that happen in the past few years I've been writing. It was a little painful but it was awesome, it was great to feel some pain from my passion. Having that small pain really showed me how powerful I can be in my passion. That writing is not just a phase in my life but a true part of me. Its now oxygen for my soul, it isn't just for fun, its for living. Where this writing and creating will take me, I do not know. And that, is the most exciting part ever. Maybe it wont take me anywhere, …

Depression, A Forgotten Garden

You are about to read a small snippet of how I felt and saw depression. The thoughts it created and the destruction it caused my soul. But also my realization of what I found it to be. 

Where do I begin was a tough question to answer. I knew I wanted to change my life but I didn't  know where I should start. I didn't like the way I was living, I didn't like the fact I woke up everyday feeling as if I was trapped under a dark cloud. Everything felt miserable, the mere idea of getting out of bed was nearly impossible. My body, my mind, felt trapped under my sheets, like weighted chains were dominating my strength. I could hear voices in my head screaming for me to get up. But those voices were drowning in a sea of my own filth. It took only one voice to keep me there. And that voice was no stronger than the other voices, but it had more logic as to why I should stay in bed. The voices that told me to get up, that's all they ever said. They never gave reason to their words…
At the foot of cliff I stood, looking down. I could feel myself slowly swaying back and fort. I could sense my body trying to comprehend my depth, trying to find balance. I was alone in this, not a single soul was around and I was ready. I was ready to just fall, to say good by to it all. To never have to look back and feel the pain of ever living, of ever letting those around me down, or myself. All those years of mental abuse from bullies and myself could end just like that. I could silence the pain of ever having to listen to another ounce of pain. This was my chance to free it all, to free this sorrow that has nailed all my hope shut. I cant remember the last time I didn't feel like I was being buried alive. Everyday it felt like I was laying in a coffin, watching strangers pour dirt on me, little by little. Each day, feeling like the air around me was growing thinner.

My soul has been beaten, buried, tossed aside like trash. I have sat with it in the dark and listened. And al…

Thank You and I Believe In You

Hi again everyone, I wanted to start off by saying thank you for your support. Whether it be a simple like, a comment, or even a follow. I am deeply humbled by everyone's support and hope you are enjoying what I am putting out into the world to share. This is the first time I have been able to tackle everything I wanted to tackle, just about everyday. Some days its harder than others to keep going. But, then there is that little voice that tells me to keep going. And when it does, I think about all those who will possibly see what I do and draw inspiration from it. Its amazing a what a little hard work and perseverance can do for you and those around you. For too long I had hid my passion away because of what others might think of me, but no more. There is too much life in our passions and the things that bring us happiness to hide them. Life is unpredictable and we do not know how long we have to live. And I am sure you have heard that before, but I did not truly understand the m…
-A Soul-
I sit, I sit, I sit, I sit. Here we are, we sit. Our hearts no longer fit. You ignored the consequences of your own misfit.
You burden me further as if nothing to omit. We must talk behind closed doors with a watchful eye. My soul unlit. Where have you gone and what have you done…. Why have you made it here,  I feel echoes of my voice as if to be falling in a mindless pit.
I think what hell this has become.
Numb, as I sit. Where we must sit, I sit, we sit. Locked in a room and you lost in it. This heart I had for you, lost. I try to find it. I try to cast it. But the connection is no more, it has split. Please let me rest and place you no more as a burden upon my chest.
---------------------------------------------------------- It was no more burdensome from the first call or the second, they were both a tell-tale of mistreated life. His heart split, but only for a moment, as if he knew one day this would come. His eyes piercing the walls of his room as the voice on the other …

Who am I? A Little Bit About Me

Hey everyone, I figure at this point you might want to know more about who I am. At this point though, I am not going to get too personal, as I believe the more personal things can be set aside for a later time, for my biography. I just want to give you a snippet of who I am. So hopefully what you will read will show you that no matter where you are, or who you are you can change your life for the better. So, with no further or do, here it goes. My name is Micah Biffle, I grew up in Washington state bouncing between Everett and Snohomish.  Anyways, growing up I wasn't the most adventurous or out going kid. I do remember though, till about the age of 5 I was super talkative, the kind of child that wouldn't shut up. But, then I got into school and things started to change. I never had any friends prior to school really, besides my older sister and older brother. My brothers by the way are much older than me. So, being close to them wasn't much of a thing till I grew older. N…

Why I Struggle To Write

I'm not going to lie, writing is a huge passion of mine but it can be a struggle to start writing. I sometimes wish that my thoughts could just write themselves. It gets overwhelming with the idea of having to put my thoughts and creations onto paper. I worry that I am going to make something terrible or that I wont do enough writing in the day to get to where I want to be. Some days are even worse than others, like today. Today I wanted to relax and hold off on writing. Actually, I didn't want to relax, I wanted to give up, to stop, to throw away my writing and raise the white flag in exhaustion of tears. Many may think that is a contradiction to something that I hold immense passion to. You might think, if you are passionate about it, why would it be tough to do? I'll tell you why, I hold myself up too high of standards of what I believe is good work. I tend to put myself in a position where my results better be outstanding, or what is the point in doing it? Another rea…