I Had Forgotten

 I Had Forgotten 

   Red smoke plumes in the air. A brilliant, yet daunting sky of clouded crimson thickens the sky in sheets of billowed cotton. It rises with no sense to stop. The atmosphere frightens, yet heightens the senses with a strange tingle of pleasure.

 We are losing our homes to the natural order. Yet I am not taken by tears, but by an odd joy of entertainment. For too long have I adhered myself to these pieces of physical wealth. Yes, through struggle, persistence and consistent efforts I have dawned myself with such rewards.

 But for too long now, I have forgotten the path I had been taken. I had forgotten the many beads of sweat I spewed from the exhaustion to gain such things. I had forgotten the lonely misery I had fought. I forgotten the friends that lifted me, the moments that tore me down only to bring me higher.

  I had forgotten the delicacy of a flower. The aromas of nature the beauty within myself and the beauty so naturally displayed around me. So much has slipped through my fingers as I had blinded myself in a tiresome grip to gather more.

 To achieve such brilliance of wealth I would want no more.

 And want no more I did. But like the fool who is given all without effort. I had gave all without listening. I had reached a pinnacle point of my sky. I could see the earth as the moon sees it. I could touch and see what I please.

 I could walk where I wish, fly where I wish, and speak how I wish without the fear of others. Yet I drowned myself in the efforts, I drowned myself in the daily work ups of my design. Letting the oceans fade to the mountains. Letting the mountains fade to the clouds and letting my foot steps be washed by the sea.

  As these fires blaze and take rewards of efforts, of tears, suffering and the aches of my cross. I fear not, for I have fought to gain myself the ability to survive such flames. Though I lost myself in the ego of work. I never let myself be the fool of my dollar, nor the fool of my ego.

 But I did become the fool of my stress, thinking there is always more. Thinking there is not enough to pleasure the works of my hands, my mind. I became void of subtle comforts, of sweet things. I became a statue to recognize but a figure to forget.

 I had forgotten impact, character, rising when others fall and lifting them up. I had forgot the touch of the sun in a cool morning. I forgotten the stars that lay gently upon darkness. I had forgotten the rain the replenishes, the music the serenades, and the love that I hold.

 So has these flames burn, the sky turns of blood and the clouds boil from heat. I am reminded that there is destruction no matter your strength. There is disaster no matter your living and beauty, no matter the peace.

 I am reminded of this. I am reminded to stop for the quiet pleasure, the leisure moments of laughter. The passerby that smiles, the child that giggles at the simplest of things. I am reminded there is more to me, more to us, more to these homes than from which they came from. There is more to everything than what we see.

 But I had forgotten the change I had brought. The wonders I had built and the darkness I had escaped. So with these vicious flames I let go of the loss, planting my feet upon old steps, looking back. Looking to the reflection of my soul and step away. Taking to the journey that shall be opened for me by the hands of these flames.

 Let the charred remains be the death of an ego and the rising of an angel. The death of agony and the birth of joy. The sealing of the old and the awakening of the new. For I had forgotten myself through the treasures of my efforts.
Do not forget to see what you already have. Do not forget where you came from or where you are headed. Be patient, be consistent, and be you.

Take each step as if it shall be your last but do not act as if you are not allowed to rest. 
A Man's Traveled Heart
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