Today you Conquer

Today You Conquer

Today, you stand before yourself like any other day. You stand before the reflection of your mistakes. The reflection of the scars that pronounce themselves as if they are all you shall ever be.

 Today, you stand beside yourself, split down the middle. Yet intersecting with every moment, sadness and joy. Each fighting to warp the mind, each weaving between the neurons of your thoughts.

 Coaxing you to fly or fall. 

 Today, you are your worst enemy and this day onward. Today, you face yourself unlike any other day. Today, those enemies that shake the walls your your heart, will be slain. 

 Today, you do not falter to the demons that spread lies with silver. Today, you do not sheath your sword in fear of death. Today, you are your sun, your moon, the stars, the galaxy of which you orbit and command. 

 Today, you are the voice of reason. Today you shall triumph, for today, though your heart feels as as heavy as an earth without gravity from our star. You stand, you walk, not with a smile, but with courage, with confidence.

 Today you stand against the hordes of the vile. The wicked voice of misery, of self-loathing. Today you are the warrior you long for, the hero you seek, the love you lost and the love you need. 

 Today you paint your face in the blood of your demons. Today you strike down the cowards of your thoughts. You ignore the voices of the outside and transcend yourself within.

 You drown out the flesh, finding only soul. Today and those days ahead till death consumes your body. You conquer, you besiege the gates of your enemy and rip them from their throne.

 You seek for the next level. You search for the new demons that challenge your strength. For at this moment, this day, you will no longer be idle in mind your hands.

 When lost, you will remain calm. 
 When angry, you will remain in focused

 When sad, you will speak joy into life.

 When exhausted, you will not rest, but rejuvenate. 

You are no longer the reflection of what you see. But the existence of what you think. You tower over the giants that bring you fear.

 You speak without stutter and you fight for your desires. 
You are no longer the shaking bones beneath your flesh. But the burning blaze of your spirit. 

 You are a force every soldier of hell fears and every angel that welcomes. You are not what you were yesterday, nor the months before, or even the years, not even now. 

 You are never still in your growth. Your roots weave past the span of your breath. They fester in the kingdoms of hell bringing in light. They rise to new galaxies to embrace new wealth of body, mind and spirit. 

 Today and forever, you are grateful, not only for the healthy times. But the sickly times. You are the what you need and you rise when you feel weak. You no longer feel your pride stripped when another gives help. 

 You no longer are the fool of your emotions and the blind wanderer of your lust. You are now purposeful with each day. You learn while others rest, you create, while others eat, you fight, while others run. 

 You are humble, while others boast, you love, whiles others hate. You defend, while others weep. You are disciplined while others complain. You no longer speak of blame, only action. 

 You no longer heel to enemies, but prepare for battle. You are the warrior you need. And today, and those days till the end of your breath, you shall be as such. 

 But do no be a fool and think perfection. Do not be a fool and think knowledge be all, for education is formidable, but experience is all.
How do you keep yourself going? 
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