A Samurai's Purpose

   A Samurai's Purpose 

The world is flooding and none can find shelter. The Titans of Ezerek have breached their cells of punishment. They, or someone has helped them break the magical barrier that has kept them from this world.

  Their red eyes beam like far off lasers seeking their target. A darkness has seeped from their chambers and shrouds them in view. They stand at the heights of the tallest buildings. They are destruction and know of no other way.

  They are spawns of hell that were born in the battle of who will obtain earth, good or evil? Who ever won the battle is allowed a Ten-thousand year reign without any outside resistance greater than that born of the devils spit or born of heavens breath.

  Small demons and other small creatures are granted pasture upon earth as good reigns. But they are not allowed to infest any humans unless they are welcomed. So they must rely on tricks to build their presence. But now, either the devil himself or another powerful force has set free the true spawns of hell.

  And heaven is not pleased and so the god of heaven now floods the earth in attempt to stop the Titans. For nothing else has ceased their destruction. They have leveled cities after cities. Neither the devil or god himself are allowed to appear on earth.

  So they must rely upon their pawns and their abilities of nature. As of right now there is little hope to cease the devouring grasp of the Titans. All angels have been murdered at the hands of the Titans. No gallant soldiers of god have found a weakness.

  For the only weakness that be of the Titans is the binding contracts between god and devil. But there has been no sign or voice of the devil.  So god has flooded the world in hopes to keep them from more.

  For water is the weakness of many foul demons. Enough water and the Titans should at least become paralyzed. And if paralysis takes hold, the heavens can seek the devil and slain him for his wrong doings. But if the devil be not the one whom set these Titans free. Then it shall be a mere improvement of the devil until real culprit is found.

  Two weeks of torrential downpour and the Titans still walk. The waters cause little resistance in their motion. Their towering forms cause massive waves to crash upon the shores of earth that remain visible.

  Their voices echo with vile howls of misery as their souls are but black flames with no hearts. And so they walk empty, hollow in expression and vast in the yearning of life. But their echoed chests allow no such thing.

  So they walk mindless with hands of massacre and flesh that seeks pleasure. But their be no other Titans to please them for only males be their companions. So they walk with harshness upon their lips and devour the bodies of women like sweets.

  The earth covered in oceans the Titans walk with malice. Approaching the shores of Japan there stands one man waiting, Oda Sugimoto. A man of faith who long ago swore to keep all demons from his family. He knows not where he came from or who his family is. He was found on the steps of a police station twenty eight years ago, his exact age, unknown.

He was found by a police officer on his way to work, Akio Sugimoto. His wife, Suki, adopted Oda that week he was found.

  Oda stands with a samurai sword watching as the Titans approach. He feels something in his blood, a rush of heat and calm feeling as if among a pasture of plants glowing beneath the moon. As they approach he feels the world tremble beneath his feet, but he moves not an inch.

  He centers his thoughts and aims for a victory. What he shall do, he does not know? But he will fight, the sword in his hand was designed by the lost warriors of the Nobunaga tribe. A small settlement in the northern parts of Japan. They were wiped out by a massive tsunami. They had lived most their lives on the islands of Japan. But later sought refugee to the mainland do to constant battles with the ocean.

  But in their attempt to migrate, they were devoured by a massive tsunami on their way to the mainland. No survivors were ever found, except for a single sword. Found by Oda's father during a hiking escapade.

  Growing up Oda was taught by the best fighters as he was always drawn to fighting and self defense. He father signed him up for martial arts at three years after being adopted. Oda spent every day he could learning and honing his skills.

  He is now the best known fighter in Japan and is proficient in five different martial arts. He has never been defeated, even in his young age as a child. There has always been a warrior in his blood. And so now, he is to be tested beyond what he has ever faced.

  Watching the Titans approach a mighty wave heaves off the Titans knees. It reaches hundreds of feet high. The wave is so massive, Oda can no longer see the Titans. Oda the stabs his blade into the ground, ties his wrists so his blade and plants his feet behind him.

  The wave crashes over Oda, the force is so powerful the building beside him crumbles instantly and is taken away. The wave subsides and Oda is still standing. He releases his breath,  his wrists and smiles.

  He looks to the Titans and taunts them. They reach Oda, they stop and stare down upon him. Their red eyes gaze like upon him like a bloody moon, piercing the silent air. Oda can feel their evil presence trickle down his bones like a shiver.

  The Titans say nothing and all three step up to Oda lifting each a foot and force it down upon Oda. Oda does not move, he removes his blade from the ground and aims it above his head just as their feet come down. Oda is pressed into the earth like an insect, but he does not give up.

  He feels the earth press away from him like loose dirt. The Titans pull up their feet. They peer into the crater they made but see no sign Oda. They look to each other with confusion. Their shrouded presence in the seeping darkness wafts like flames as wind passes over them.

  They look for Oda and as they do, one Titan feels something upon his neck. He goes to swing his hand to swat the feeling as if to be a fly. He lands his hand on the back of his neck. examines his hand but see nothing. This time he feels something on his head.

  He swings again, but there is nothing. Just as the Titan goes to brush his hands through his hair. Oda comes sliding down a strain of hair and flings himself and his sword into the Titan's eye. His blade pierces the Titans eye with ease. Blood comes spurting out, the Titan screams wildly and flails about hitting another Titan.

  That Titan becomes aggravated and pushes back. The Titan, bleeding from eye covers his wounded eye as he retaliates upon the Titan that pushed him. Soon two of the three Titans are fighting among each other.

  Then, as they fight the other one feels something on his neck. He smacks his neck but finds nothing upon his hand or neck. Then, Oda comes rushing up the Titans arm and leaps onto his face and slashes both eyes of the Titan.

  The Titan screams and acts in madness from the pain. The Titan strikes the other two Titans with his blinded swings. The Titans then fight each other. Smashing, kicking, and throwing each other. Oda now stands off a few hundred meters from the Titans and watches. He laughs as they wildly fight with no concern of their lives.

  An hour goes by and the Titans are badly wounded. One is missing an arm, another has the rib of another Titan in his chest, it was plunged into him like a knife. The other stands completely blind with a broken arm and a beaten face.

  Another hour goes by and all three Titans are motionless, floating in the ocean bleeding out. The surrounding waters turn to blood. Soon after, the Titans are feasted upon by sharks and other sea life. And just as Oda is about to leave, a rumbling shakes the earth one last time.

  Suddenly the ocean rabidly starts to flow away from the shore, as if a drain plug has been pulled. Then, Oda rushes up to the tallest vantage point, a tree near by. He looks out, and there off in the far distance is a whirlpool pulling in the water.

A few days go by, the Titans are gone and the world is no longer flooded.
Do you think everything that happens to us happens for a reason? 

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