Mia's Moment

  Mia's Moment 

  Mia's apricot dress forms to her steps like hanging sheers left to summer wind. Her smile blossoms with a radiant glow. Her makeup composed of complimenting complexions as her jeweled eyes shimmer to the brilliant moment.

 Her hands gently grasp a bouquet of wild flowers. Their colors blend with beautiful assertion of their position. Mia, stepping with grace is surrounded by joyful tears and aroused eyes of anticipation. As music delicately trickles from the background like tender rain. Forming to the moment like a kiss beneath a melting moon.

  A uniformed veil hangs softly upon Mia's face as she divinely strides with short rhythm-ed steps. Her arm suddenly and carefully grasped by her father. His heart blissfully excited, yet sorrowed in the giving of his daughter. But his eyes look to the groom with a wondrous embrace as his pepper beard covers is quivering lips.

  The audience watches with careful whispers of awe as Mia's beauty unfolds like rose petals to a frosted winter morning. Her luscious allure stuns the foolish groom as he stares while fighting off tears. His heart racing with the utmost love. His eyes dare look anywhere else but the bride.

  His knees slightly shiver, fearing the thought of dream. A dissolving moment he thinks this all could be. But he feels the pulsing of their love flow through the air like the blood in their veins. As the lemon and fuchsia toned canopy stands with royal presence.

 Signifying the importance of today. The sun glazing through the table tops, reflecting off golden utensils as the after celebration sits patiently. Candles flare with delicate flames as they stand upon blackened steel lining the royal blue carpet.

 Each step Mia takes her heart billows with such love, such elation. Her soul begins to feel lightened, as if rising from her body like water in the heat of a blazing sun. She feels cradled with indescribable emotion. Her hands clasping with sweat in exaggerated fear of a mishap. But with a single lifting smile from her soon to be husband as his bold eyes grip her, she loses all sense of fear.

 All that remains is the steady beat of her heart and the undying affection for her love. She reaches the last simple steps to bare the arm of her husband. A gasp of silence takes the audience, all that is herd is the sparkling notes of music, the soft breathes leaving her chest and the shuffling of small children.

 Lifting her feet upon the last separating steps between her and marriage, tears silently fall from her face. Her groom lifts the veil from and there, they stand in silence, looking passionately into each other eyes. The grooms eyes become beaded in tears and without a chance to cease, one escapes his now clearly softened face.

 And now the time is here, for Mia and her groom to march into the Never-land of love and build themselves a loving house. A lasting experience and weapons to bear through the troubled times, to fight beasts of sorrow, fend off the demons of fear, and protect each other in the burdens of life.

 Now, is the moment, the words have been said and without hesitation they lock. Embracing their lips as the orange and purple haze of the sun beams, sinking to the horizon, flickering off the glistening tones of their kiss. Their eyes closed in the passion of love and their hearts heated with a glittering warmth.
Do you hope for marriage or do you have faith in it and that it will happen?

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