Sophia's Love

 Sophia's Love 

  "Let your umbrella unfold, dance beneath the rain when others won't shelter you with the echoes of love my dear." Her mother said as she kissed her upon the forehead.

  Sophia looking up at her mother smiles as she holds her pink umbrella above her head. Her mother, raising up from the kiss takes Sophia by the hand and they begin to walk. Sophia, only five and her father off on a business trip, her mother becomes lonely.

  And so they walk, they walk through evenings, mornings, dusk's and dawns. Watching the graceful colors of sunsets and sunrises. Sophia's mother teach's her to admire the colors before them. Not just the wonderful vibrant colors, but also the dull. The gloomy streaks of darkness.

  For everything has a purpose in this world. From the thunder storms to clear skies. Sophia, holding her mother's hands as they walk through the rain looks and up and asks, "Mother, why do you cry? Do the colors of this clouded night not bring you joy?"

   Sophia's mother looks down at her smiling with silent tears hidden between the rain. "Oh Sophia, you are my light when the world is dark. (She kneels down and adjusts Sophia's jacket) I cry because your father is gone so often. I cry because the distance between us wears on me from time to time. See honey, when two people love each other, it can be hard to apart from each other."

   Sophia smiles  twirling her pink umbrella and says, "like when you drop me off at school and I cry as you drive away because I miss you the moment you leave?"

 Sophia's mother smiles kisses her on the lips and looks her in the eyes, "Yes darling, just like that."

  Sophia drops her umbrella and pushes her arms out for a hug and wraps them around her mom. "I am right here mom and with me and you with me, we are never alone. So don't be lonely mom, I love you."

 Sophia's mother starts to weep with happiness as she holds Sophia in her arms. The rain ceases and the clouds split, revealing the last minutes of the sun. The cityscape in the far distance starts to glow with an orange haze. It melts upon the buildings with a citrus kiss and hugs the chopping waves of the river.
  Sophia's mothers sees the clouds clear and the sunset basking just behind Sophia. She gently lets go of Sophia and points to the distant fall of the sun. "Look Sophia, we are catching the sun before it goes to sleep."

  Sophia quickly turns around and sees the sun. She becomes so excited she picks up her pink umbrella and starts to dance around. "Its beautiful mom.....just like you!"

  Sophia's mother is overwhelmed with her loving daughter. Her heart skips with jubilation of the moment. She grasps her daughters hand and they dance together as the sun sinks to the distant concrete mountains.
We forget to admire the beauty before us and we forget the love that is right next to us so often.

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