Lady Isabella and The Violinist

 Lady Isabella and The Violinist 

 I see her, her blues eyes casting moonbeams through the dark crowd. I can't resist, her allure is, magnificent. She is a baroque among this shadowed audience, but they are blind to her beauty, her light. Unaware of her elegant presence as she glows between the mingling of others.

 Her lips stained with crimson and her pale skin blush with rosy cheeks. I can feel her from across the room as one feels their own hear. I am enraptured by her, the moment I found her, saw her. Infatuated with this mystery woman of refinement, I make my way through the crowd with careful urgency while holding my drink.

  I see she holds no champagne of her own, a waitress is near by as I cross through the blind audience. I grasp a full glass from the waitress tray with ease, a fluid confidence takes me. Maybe it is the melody of the piano that softly plays among the mumbling of the party.

 Or maybe, it is her. Maybe she knows she has enthralled me with her eyes, with the paradise of her grace. But as I make my way through keeping keen on her position, a gentleman collides with me. Causing me to spill both champagnes from my grasp.

  I see no concern for the champagne but rather in worry of losing the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. The gentleman whom collided with, attempts a sincere apology but I quickly brush him off as I look back toward the woman.

  But when I do, she is gone. She has vanished in only a matter of seconds. I can feel my body tingle with an unsettled feeling. My heart gives woe to the losing of this woman. Something about her drives my heart with madness.

 And so I dart about the crowd with two empty glasses, searching for her. Not knowing her name makes it quite difficult. I ask around the crowd, but they are as oblivious to my question as they are to their drunken slurs. Looking to me as if I was a foreigner speaking a different language.

 But in the fear of losing her, not all hope is lost. I run into Madam Asp. She is the host of this event, an intimidating woman at that. She is the "queen" per se of these lands. Her family owns most, if not all the land that surrounds us. Chances are, even a piece of the land you own touches hers.

  I look to her with respect, my shirt soaked in champagne, hands holding two empty glasses. She looks to me with her chin tilted up and her eyes looking toward me with her face slightly slanted away. As if I am a beggar off the streets.

 She gives an awkward smile as I bow to her and begin to ask her about the woman of blue eyes. After I ask she looks to me with great compassion,

"Oh my dear, that is Lady Isabella, she is the daughter of my second son, duke Herald. And who might you be?"

 I look at her with much desire, my eyes dough to soften the moment. "I am Relt Reynolds, a violinist of the Terrace Symphony of Drom."

  Madam Asp looks to me and smiles just a bit, not enough to comfort the moment, but enough to be reassured she is interested. "Well Relt Reynolds, dare I say, there is a meager chance you will ever speak or, even see Lady Isabella ever again. I am afraid she is not one for such events and is already in the eyes of another."

 My posture quickly collapses in a sense of defeat, I bow to Madam Asp and give her my respects before dismissing myself. The room becomes suddenly taught, the air becomes unsettling. As if I had been overcome with fear.

  I look about the goers of the party, most of them smiling, laughing and most the men hold a lady in their arms. I look around in my soft state and notice a table over by the entrance. I move myself through the dense crowd and place the empty champagne glasses on the table.

  I turn around and look once more, hoping that my eyes would stumble upon her before my dismissal. And sure enough, I see her, I saw the edge of her silk blue dress disappear behind a wall. I instantly dart over to where I saw her.

  I turn around the corner where I had seen her, but she was not there. It was just an empty long hallway roped off by a single red rope and two silver poles on either end. There were numerous doors on both sides of the hall; like a hotel.

  But I couldn't resist, I look around discretely and make my way past the red rope. I then begin to open each door that is unlocked in hopes of finding the elusive goddess I have been drawn to. Drawn to her like a moth to a flame. And if I should burn up in her radiance, so be it.

I'd rather stumble a hopeful fool to such beauty than cower to the reaches of solitude.

 But no luck strikes me in finding her, each room is empty. I feel my heart sink as my only chance has eluded me. Then, just as I am about to walk away, one of the locked doors opens and there she is.

  But she appears to be hiding from something. She is being as discreet as I am about moving around. She does not notice me at first, she locks the door behind her and turns around. We immediately lock eyes and she gasps at my presence while gently pressing her hand to her chest, as if to catch her breath.

  To ease the tension of surprise I lean out with my arm stretched and hand open and whisper, "Don't be worried my lady, I am merely sneaking about as well." I then let my arm down as I look to her.

 Lady Isabella quickly becomes friendly with me and lets out a sigh of relief, "Thank god, I thought you were one of Eric's friends sent to find me."

With a voice of frustration while tugging down on her dress on both sides and holding a small key she says, "I wish he would just leave me alone."

  She then lets go of her dress and places the small key between her breasts. I look to her with some concern, as I feel she might be in some danger. "Are you in danger my lady?" I ask as I step closer to her.

  She smile at me a chuckles, "Danger?!, ha, no, I am merely hiding from some fool who thinks he can have my hand because he is some Duke of an honorary family my father knows. And he thinks the way to my heart is to force his affection upon me through gestures and sending his men to bring me to see him."

  My brows raise as I listened and with a smirk I reply, "He sounds like the perfect catch" I laugh a bit and smile at Lady Isabella and then introduce myself. "My name is Relt Reynolds and you are?"

  Lady Isabella introduces herself and asks, " Well, it is nice to be meet you but, what are you doing back her Relt? I don't think you are suppose to be here?"

  I let out a chuckle and adjust my tuxedo. "You are right, I merely came to this party to hopefully play with the pianist, he is a very renown musician. I am a violinist who is trying to become more than just a piece to complete a symphony."

  Lady Isabella looks to me with intrigue, "If that is why you are here, then what brings you over here? The party is over there." She points and I turn to look and reply,

  "Yes, you are right, but earlier today, I saw something. Or rather, somebody. A woman, ( while trying to pry the perfect description, my tone is rather in the form of questioning myself.) a very wait, marvelous, no, gorgeous woman. But I had lost her through the crowd of drunks and I could have sworn I saw her come this way."

  Lady Isabella is unaware of my words at first, "Oh, I am sorry to hear that, hopefully you will find her but I must go before Eric finds me."

   I look to Lady Isabella with affection, "But I have found her." I step closer to her. My body inflames with seduction.

  Lady Isabella does not move, her face becomes flushed with red as I approach her. " found her? Who is she?..."

 Standing before Isabella I take her right hand and hold it at chest level. I then lean in and give her hand a kiss, "You my Lady, it is you I was looking for."

  Lady Isabella quickly removes her hand from my grip while stepping slightly away from me and I become worried upon her reaction. "But I don't even know who you are exactly. For all I know this could be one of Eric's tricks." Her skin still flushed.

  I look to her and settle my worry and place front my confidence. "Lady Isabella, I can assure you this is no trick and that I am real. If you are concerned of my intentions, then please, let me invite you to dine with me tomorrow night. It is late and I am sure you would like some rest."

  Lady Isabella, with her powder blue eyes darting about me, "What is that smell?"

  I shake my head about in confusion and then smell the air. I catch a waft of something, I then become reminded of the incident earlier. I look down at my shirt and back up at Lady Isabella. "ha, that is champagne you are smelling. I had an unfortunate run in with a gentleman earlier while trying to bring you a drink." I look back down at my shirt, "It did not go as planned as you can see."

  Lady Isabella laughs then bats her eyes at me, "You were bringing a drink for me? Even after that you came looking for me? Taking the risk to pass through Madam Asp's cordoned off section of the house? You know she would have you exiled from her events if she saw you here right?"

 I look back at the red rope then back at Lady Isabella, "Yes, but it was worth the risk."

  Lady Isabella smiles and says, "Well then Relt Reynolds, meet me tomorrow at eight, at Thergoods Bistro and we shall open new dialog and get to know each other."

  My heart flutters and I could not be happier than in this moment. "Yes my lady, shall I pick you up, or shall I be meeting you there?"

  She scoffs at me and lets a snide laugh echo from her throat. "Were you not listening? I said me there. Men, listening seems impossible for you guys." She starts to walk away but not before saying, "Enjoy the champagne, and try not to spill any, I'll be sure to bring an extra dress tomorrow just to be safe."

 I laughs as I watch her walk way. Every step she takes mesmerizes my senses, everything bout her catches my heart. Her voice is silk to my ears, her looks are indescribable and her skin, softer than I could ever imagined.
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