The Day of Valhalla

 The Day of Valhalla 

Winter has scorned our land with bitter winds and even colder grounds. Our crops have withered and soils have been taken by permafrost. We grow hungry in each passing day and our enemy will give us no mercy.

  We are surrounded by hills and so we shall see our enemy one day prior to battle. Let the gods be on our side and let war be our passage to Valhalla. We ignite tonight with a ceremony of sacrifice, appease our gods so they may be at our backs in battle.

  We only fear that our sacrifice may not be heard, for looking upon our lands it seems that gods have already turned their backs. No winter has ever been so cold, so toxic to our lands. But we lift up this sacrifice with great honor. Spill the blood of this living beast and let our souls be lifted by the gods.

May they guide us through battle and if we shall be victorious, allow us an easement of winter's hold.

   I take this blade and spill the blood of our sacrifice. Let us bath in it has we prepare ourselves to enter the gates of Valhalla. None shall be without the faith of our people and the faith our love for the gods. We shall take up our blades, axes, hammers, and our bows. Slaughtering our enemy like a plague to flesh.

Raise eyes to the sky and let us hymn our hearts to the heavens.

  As we praise the heavens and as we have starved for one week. My mind is weak, I see things and hear things. But I have given no voice to such concerns. For if I do, my people shall surely fall prey to fear and prey to our enemy.

  In this weakened state, our enemies shall have the advantage. And they have already shown their leverage among us. For a rat has infiltrated our village, someone who has sought traitorous acts to be better than death by starvation.

  We have been drinking from our drying well for the last two days. My visions, or rather in my state of malnutrition, hallucinations have become ever so vivid. I see creatures that do not exist but can talk. I see trees extend beyond the clouds and winds that whisper like the voice of the gods.

  I have come to the conclusion we have been poisoned by a hallucinogenic mushroom. A mushroom we use in pleasure and ceremony. But too much, and the mind becomes a wild visage of horrific feats. Soon, I shall be the maddened like one lost in long voyage at sea.

  From my throne I write this, in hopes some day others shall see we did not die from cowardice nor  were we out maned by our enemy. But by the will of the gods, for they have seen fit our end and I see no triumph to come. Our bones are beginning to show, my ribs can be felt as if ribs of  a corpse.

  We are all consuming ourselves with each passing day. Here they be, the enemy, their feet storming like beasts of death. I peer from my dwelling, and I see their darkness form from their shadows. I see the gods spreading their arms in open embrace for our death.

  May we live in stories through history and may the gods give us a place at their table. I now must take up my blade and fight.

Your king,
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