Do you Live on Exacts?

Do you Live on Exacts? 

Today I had a thought, something that really struck my thinking. We are constantly in the vortex of what we think should happen. We often disappoint ourselves because things did not go our way or were somehow taken from us.

 We look to things in the world as exacts. We see colors right, we see blue or white. We know one hundred percent what color they are. We see a building, we know it is a building. We pick up a book, we know there is a beginning and an end.

 There are boundless exacts in our world, in the physical world that is. But there are no exacts in our lives, in our actions, in the daily process of every second. We can plan way ahead, we can take every precaution possible. To gain the results we want.

 But no matter what we do, we may not get the exact results. We often place the expectation of ourselves and others as exacts. We often set ourselves up for constant disappointment and failure. Failure in the sense that we drone and drone on about how things did not go our way. A failure in character.

 We are repetitively battling our minds to stay out of danger. Especially if that danger is a fear we already have. A fear that has been their so long we avoid it at all costs. We avoid it because with think if we do it again, there will be pain.

 We create exacts from past history and paint it across the board. We use our memory to not make the same mistake twice. But if we place exacts on our fear, then we become exacts to everything. We start to believe fully in exacts.

 We expect our lover to remember everything we told them to get at the grocery store. But they forget something and we grow upset. We placed ourselves in exacts. Yes, a shopping list in the mind is simple. But we do not know what is running through the other persons head during their trip to the store. We often forget to communicate our thoughts across to each other.

We instead, jump to exacts. "They should have remember, they must not care?"

 We create these instant assumptive exacts in life. What we expect in exacts, we usually don't get. We expect failure because we may have a fear of public speaking. So we build assumptive fear with exacts that people will laugh, or act uninterested or we'll forget to say something.

 In situations like the one's stated above. We are acting in exacts, in perfection. As if we should be perfect, that the one we have been with should never fail us. The only times we should be disappointed in ourselves or others, is when we or they do not put their best foot forward.

 If you do not try your best, then yes, you'll get exact results.The only way to get exacts every time is to expect exacts in life, which will only create failure in a life that will be led by anxious thought of failure. Terrible results they will be, over and over till you actually do what is your best. But even when you do your best, do not put yourself in the exact.

 It creates a never wining situation. If you are trying to build a business, you think and believe every product or service you have is the best, so people should like it and buy it. But then you set it up, run it, and not a single person buys a damn think the first six month or maybe even a year.

 You become frustrated, you created an exact. You can believe your product and services are the best. But did you really think things were going to take off from the start? Did you create an exact that was so outlandish it did not fit the efforts you put in nor did it fit the reality of what is to come?

 See, we do not know what will happen no matter how hard we try. No matter how perfect we may set things up, something may and can go wrong. Something can pop up at the last minute and chop us to our knees.

 But any wise person will understand this, they will step back and asses the situation. But those, those that live in the exact. Will grow frustrated, they will spill with blame, either at themselves or others. They will tear every fabric they've sewn and shred it.

 Only later to look back at themselves and see the terrible actions they took. It is great to have exacts when you are looking at things that can be calculated in math. But when it comes to life, leave out the exact. Do your best, strive to be humble when things go right and be thankful during the bad and good.

 Do not set yourself up for character failure by running on exacts. Humans are not exacts, all we can do is learn from what has already happened and design a way to approach it differently or steer around it and find something else.
Do you live in exacts? 

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