A Traitor Among Gods

A Traitor Among Gods

 The sky is ripe with darkness. Thunder bellows from the heavens and lightening strikes from the eyes of the gods. Petrus stands with wounds upon his flesh, his lungs weak from exhaustion. He has been inflicted by the anger of  the gods.

 They fear his resistance to obey. Petrus has never been a man of obedience. His own father was put in his place by Petrus. He was beaten as a child and his mother a harlot of the city streets. He was an outcast of his own world.

 Petrus grew with resentment for authority. Most likely birthed by the actions of his father. His heart carried an aura of darkness. Held in the arms of green greed. He speaks with assertive boasts of wild assumptions.

 He walks in shadows of those who treat him poorly. Waiting to murder their very existence and rid them from this world. Petrus rages with power, with a power that has slowly consumed his once innocent heart.

  He now is a bitter man of the gods. Petrus brought much wealth to the gods before he became ill ridden with hate. In his years as a young adult he obeyed well the gods. But over time Petrus could understand not, why the gods did not speak to him during his childhood?

 He could not understand why such evils could be done upon him by his own parents? In these thoughts, Petrus grew with fire and talked with the flames of hell that burn deep inside his belly.
Petrus is a man of seduction, he verses well in negotiation.

 Soon, over the years of his anger toward the gods, Petrus took what they made and made it his. His greed and hate of revenge against the gods. Was his fuel to take all the kingdoms upon earth that he could.

 With his silver tongue, born of the gods. Petrus walked the earth and conquered almost all of it. Only one piece of land remained but the gods interfered. After massacres spattered throughout earth, by the hands of Petrus.

 The gods drew a line to cease the madness of Petrus. But Petrus heeds to no authority. So here he stands face to face with the gods. Heaven down upon earth and Petrus shows no fear. He shows only anger, grief, and the lust for power.

 He stands now inflicted by the gods. Bruised, lacerated flesh, bones broken and eyes blinded in rage. The gods stand inflicted as well, for Petrus bears more strength than they thought. Surely the gods  thought Petrus shall be weakened upon their presence.

 For no god has given him strength for he desired none of the gods and Petrus forsaken their words. But what the gods know, is that the flames of hell, not only burn within Petrus. They have given him power, great power.

 Power few gods of earth can posses. So, Petrus stands, though in appearance beaten. Much still burns within him. But if his flesh is to be torn open. That which burns within him shall be released upon earth. Human form can only hold back so much before a weakened state will force flames of hell from the body of flesh.

 Causing much to be destroyed upon the earth. For any god not killed in the heavens or hell, their power is released in the form of mass expansion. A force that devours what ever stands in its wake. So, as the gods stand before Petrus, in loss of how to act.

 The gods devise a plan before Petrus can run amuck upon the earth and take what they have worked so hard on. As gods, still welcomed among the heavens, they return. For time in heaven does not equate to time upon earth.

 Heaven see's all in the blink of an eye. In the return to heaven, they design a plan. They decide to lock Petrus in hell. But this cannot be done without agreement from the devil. The gods, never in such a position, speak amongst such an idea with fear.

 For they know the devil will ask of much. But if they do not, they will have no choice but to kill Petrus and let his death be the death of earth. In the fear of such an idea, a young god stands up out of spite for such a plan.

In his anger his crown of lightening falls from his head and tumbles upon the ground.

"I declare we bring Petrus to heaven and lock him away here. He deserves no comfort of hell. You know the devil will only welcome such a cretent!"

The rest of the gods mumble wildly among each other. The voices of might clash as their talk grows with intensity. Suddenly in the midst of all the talking. The eldest stands and thrusts his gavel upon the round table.

The rest of the gods go silent.

"We cannot bring up that which does not have faith in the heavens. We are no force to take that which does not desire us. Petrus will remain upon earth for now and he shall be placed in hell. But we shall do it without the devil.

We shall weaken Petrus enough that we can chain him to the earth and force him to ask the devil to take him. For who will the devil feast upon if the earth is gone? In which, he shall then be a prisoner of his hell. But if we negotiate with the devil, we shall surely lose everything we worked for."

The gods then whisper among themselves. The holy room grows silent. The gods then return the earth, the eldest sits upon his throne and guides the gods from above.

Petrus, still where they left him stands crooked with shallow breaths.

"You may have weakened me gods, but you know well that if you kill me all this you see before you and much more, will be demolished. What then, what people will praise you then?"

Petrus spits blood from his mouth and it lands upon the foot of a god. The god feels the warmth of the blood land upon his foot. He becomes furious and swings a kick into the side of the Petrus head. Petrus flies into the air and his stopped by a brick wall.

The gods laugh, they then all start to pummel Petrus. As they do he laughs maniacally. Blood covers his body, foot to head. The gods give no sounds or response but that of their fists and feet. Soon Petrus can laugh no more.

He falls frail to the moment and becomes silent. The gods then create chains of glowing light. They wrap Petrus in these binding lights. Petrus's vision is skewed by the agony of his body.

"What...wha...what are you doing to me" Petrus asks.

The gods remain quiet. Suddenly the wild skies of darkness cease. The clouds become white as snow, rain falls from them. The gods then command the earth, its starts to quake and its thick chest becomes exposed. Heat and sludge of hell boil from the broken seam of earth.

The gods start to pummel Petrus even more, they force memories of his father into his mind. Petrus starts to weep and yell in anger. The gods break his ribs, his legs, his arms, they beat him till he is but  skin that holds the dust of bones.

The gods then place Petrus by the opening of earth. One god steps forward and says,

"We shall cease our rage upon you if you except your fate and ask for hell."

Petrus, burdened with immense pain. He screams out, "I choose nothing, I choose neither hell nor heaven. I shall remain upon earth forever."

Upon Petrus's shrieking plead, the devil responses from beneath with a shrill of impatience. The devil then reaches from the earth to ensnare Petrus. But the gods allow him no opportunity, a god severes the hand of the devil by the blade of his axe.

The devil screams in pain. The earth closes and the gods are stuck looking to the mangled existence of Petrus.

Two of the gods then decide, "Let us surpass our eldest and lock him in heaven, maybe we can redeem him so."

The rest of the gods refuse such an idea and one speaks out boldy, "That is a foolish idea, our father is looking upon us as we speak..

The two gods that gave thought to such an idea grow frustrated and one speaks up. His hair of water starts to boil,

"We can't send him to hell, nor heaven, down here he will die and if we bury him. Sure enough someone will find him for days to come."

The gods then begin to think. Then one asks, his eyes of a cat dilate with excitement, "What if we give him to the ocean. The god of the ocean surely has room for him? There, in the ocean, we can go to the deepest uncharted place by man and rest him there, surely forever?"

The gods agree, they then turn their heads to toward heaven. The eldest appears in the clouds, his face covered in grey hair but still achieves a look of wonder. He replies in concurrence with the other gods.

And so they speak to the god of the ocean. She agrees, they bury Petrus in the deepest spots in the ocean. Locked away in a coffin built of the gods. Only another god can open the coffin.

Years go by, hundreds, even thousands of year. No one finds Petrus. Then, over a million years later, an earthquake splits open the sands of the earth where Petrus lay.

The earth then envelops Petrus even more.
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