A Shuttle of Thoughts

A Shuttle of Thoughts 

 We took to the stars, our ship sailed through the atmosphere so fast. I could feel my face wanting to peel from my bones. I remember thinking, as we flew into the sky, what if we never make it back?

 That thought rolled in my head till we reached beyond the planet. The moment we broke free from its hold and found ourselves floating among a vast space of darkness, I was lost for words. I remember my heart fluttering with excitement.

 The entire crew looked at each other with astonishment. We were undeniably overwhelmed by what we were seeing. At first, we could not wrap our heads around where we were. It was unbelievable, surreal, billions of stars for millions of miles. But we were not even close to the nearest star, our own.

 It is then, I realized how amazing this all really is. We are just specks among billions of others specks. It makes you wonder if anyone else it out there?

 I remember unbuckling myself from my seat and gently floating away from it. I was weightless, it was remarkable, at first you feel odd, almost foreign to yourself. Even with all the gravity training, there is nothing like the real thing.

 You're weightless, floating miles and miles above the planet. Far from any convenience of home. Gliding through the air I went to the observatory and observed the marvel before me. I could see it all, the lush colors, the spellbinding view took my soul.

 A tear even dropped from my eyes. Such beauty, such creation to be hold. It was strange, people are down their, living, doing, breathing, and thinking. And here we are, floating in a blank space where anything that goes wrong, could compromise our lives.

 It was exciting, yet frightful all at the same time. But this was my dream. Even at a young age I would stare to the vast view of the sky and think what it would be like. What things would I find, aliens, other planets?

 It is something that everyone should experience, if only possible. Looking down at earth as the sun glazes off the ocean and colors spread off the atmosphere, is a miracle. This thing you stare at, sustains life within just a morsel of what is outside of it.

If ever our star decides to fade, all this is gone in an instant. Each and every life, stricken from existence. A simple press of the delete button by God, by nature, poof!

Scary huh?

 We don't often think of such a thought. We are comfortable upon earth, we are provided with everything. Earth protects us from the sun's  heat that would melt us like butter. It gives us air, so that we may breathe. Giving the opportunity of life to our bodies.

 It is an organism sustaining other organisms. We should be grateful for life, for our planet. It is a miracle in itself that we are alive. But up here, among the silent and cold grasp of darkness. There is so much we do not have. There are no resources to build things.

 No way to create pianos, cars, have pets or even dine out, such simple things. Things we so easily give no value too. Up here among the stars snaps that into perspective. We are given so much but take it for-granted. It is humbling to be here, to stare back down at what was given to us.

There was something that really got my juices flowing while floating in space. I remember looking down at earth one day, we flew to the side of the earth where everyone was resting. You could still see some lights, but some parts were almost pitch black.

 I remember thinking as I looked down on earth and viewed such a rare view and thought, I wonder how many people are looking up at us and have no idea we are here. That thought made me think, how disconnected we are with each other and ourselves.

 We are so busy with so many other things, so much passes us by. Our lights are on, but we are not looking around. When our lights are off, we still take little time to look around. We forget what and who we really are.
Have you ever wanted to go to space?
How do you feel and think about life, are you paying attention to the things around you?
Or are you floating on by without any notice of those around you and yourself? 

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