Are we of God and Devil?

Are we  of God and Devil?

 What if, we are but pieces of god? Our soul be of the heavens and our flesh be of hell. What if we are but pawns of opposition to each side? In constant struggle to appease them. Each wanting us, all of us.

 The heavens cheering for our soul and hell cheering for our flesh. Hell, waiting with mouths wide with teeth sharpened and coals burning. Waiting to make us an army of its devout creatures of temptation, greed, jealousy and hate.

 As heaven weeps for us in our faults and prays we lead with our soul. Waiting for us to consume the waters of our heart. Hoping we choose wings over the walking of our feet.

 What if, in our death, whichever side we acted more generously upon, we are given to that which we devoured more? What if, in death our souls can rise to heaven or become tied to our flesh forever? Forever chained to the misery of agony of pain as we are stretched from limb to limb in the pleasures of the devil.

 Watching as he tastes the salt that seeps from our skin. Brazing us with his flames as we are marinated in perfection of our sins.

 What if, upon our death, be us more heavenly in consumption, we return to god? But not a place of endless wonders or glorious views spattered with bountiful foods. But what if in death, we are returned to that which created us? What if our souls give strength to the heavens so it may return?

 Our souls, a piece of what has built the universe. Our death so be us holy enough, we are transcended beyond the plains of man and become embodied by the creator himself. What if we are the energy that built all we see?

 What if our choices in the end feed the side we pleased in greatness? Either we feed the devil or praise our god.

 What if we are the pieces of a much larger scheme? Pieces of a godly and demonic game of chess. What if, god and devil are competing for the world, the universe? As we die we are making them whole.

 Both waiting patiently in hopes we fill their goblet. Fill it till they have enough to come back, to be whole again. What if our souls be god, our flesh the devil?

 And someday, enough shall have died for god or devil. So that one shall rise and rule, and in the victor comes the spoils. Or what if, they already know the outcome?
What are your thoughts on who we are and where we came from? What do you think has placed us where we are and why? 

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