They are Watching, do you See?

They are Watching, do you See?

They are watching, seeing us through the lens of our own homes. They have nestled in the lines of contracts. Legal agreements we are either too lazy to read or understand little of. They are only expanding their reach.

Knowing our words before we type them, say them. Recording conversations in silence as we play music from their design. We are sheep among a pack of wolves. They reach for the endless power of greed.

Seeking new ways to generate the wealth they need no more. They salivate for the ability to control. To slither into the cameras of our technology. We ignore them, for we would rather be willfully blind than call them out. Than make a stand for our privacy.

For it is easier to be told what do to, become slaves of our own suffering, than build character to breed strength and fight. 

Our conversations are now as sacred as pile of dog shit in the grass. And they shall guide us to where we shall eat, sleep, and work. They are guiding us in the wants of our cravings of material. They speak as if they know best as they place money in the pockets of politicians.

They walk among us hidden in the shrouds of their protection. Protection they say we should not bear. Protection we have no right too they say. They wish to be in our homes, they are. Watching as you click away and explore the world before your fingers.

They listen and they listen well.

Soon, we will no longer need the device we hold in our hands. For we will be embedded with these addictive ailments. We will be sheep of a deep state. Pawns for money and scapegoats for murder.

Our steps will be numbered, we will be forced to spend our wealth or be hailed in consequence. We will no longer be free.

They slowly dribble into our thoughts like a leaking faucet. Dripping slowly, quietly, only heard when we truly pay attention. By then, we will need a replacement of all things that were once in our control.

Machines will be our companions of authority.
What do you think of the direction that technology and large companies like FB and Google are taking or even the FBI and/or DEA?

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