The Endeavors shall Reward

 The Endeavors shall Reward 

Its is easy to fall behind, to let things get away from you. One minute you are ahead and the next, things come crashing down. Now you are in a rubble of stress and trying to compile everything to where you can at least start to organize.

  Then, when you start to organize, you realize you have missed a few more things. You fall behind  even more. Anxiety starts to manipulate your thoughts into wild distortions. You now feel even more stressed, for a moment you thought you were almost back in order.

  But a wolf came by, while you were busy rebuilding your barnyard only to find that sheep missing from your herd. You find the blood, but no victims. You now panic, as you have lost a piece of your resources. You feel the world around you constrict like a rope tightening around your throat.

  The clouds above turn grey, it begins to rain. You become seemingly uncomfortable. You want to break down, to fall apart and leave it. Maybe, start all over. But as you walk away, you see all the work of your past endeavors.

  You look over your flock that was once just one piece of work. Now, it is hundreds, maybe even thousands. You begin to remember when you started climbing the mountain and you never thought you would make it this far.

  But you set up camp, regrouped and started the climb the next day. As you traveled higher and higher, the world became even more harsh. But the view and the rewards became even more beautiful. You once could only see the tops of the trees, now you see the valley's.

  You stand among the clouds and feel the cool mist they bare as you walk through them in the heat of summer. You see flowers you have never seen. You feel winds that most will never feel, you feast on foods most never will.

  You have climbed so high, but you forgot to rest. To pride yourself in your work, but stay humble in gratitude. You have forgotten the hours you have spent while others slept. You have grown a dream from a single thought and sprouted it into a garden, a sanctuary of faith.

  Bitter may today be and maybe the next weeks or months, or even year. But you have struggled through many times of suffering. Through many stresses and failures, but you have kept going. Your strength is beyond your thoughts.

  For your thoughts only know of what you know in the moment and not of what you will learn. Your body only knows what you have conquered and not what you will conquer. You are a king, a queen among your rubble.

  You will not let your people down, you will not let you down. You will rebuild and your kingdom will be more grand than it has ever been.
What times in your life did you feel like you were going to fall apart?
How did you keep going, what helped you keep going?

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