Do you Water your Seed?

Do you Water your Seed? 

  Plant a seed in the heart, a seed of good intention. Each day, water that seed. Water it with good intention. Whether that intention be a smile to a stranger. A hug with a friend or a burst of laughter shared or in the presence of self.

  But good intentions are not without struggle. For often in our road of healthy intentions comes distractions. We forget our intentions for the day, in the moment we are flooded with rain or are in a drought.

  But here is thing, we control our weather. We control how these storms flood us or how these deserts dry out our hearts. We are the gods of our stars, our skies. What we wish to see in our stars and feel in our storms, is our choice.

  As much as it is a choice to listen to music or watch a movie. Some, must fight harder, some are in constant waves of dreadful pain. Some are held to the grips of depression and some are held to manic swings.

  But in my days and in my meetings of others. Healthy and unhealthy, mental or not, I have seen people of all walks find ways to create peace. To generate good intentions in heart and water their seed with care.

  We are the deciders of our thoughts, of our hearts. Where we wish for them to sail is up to us. We can let the wind toss us to deserts, we can let the waves sink our ship, or we can spread our wings and fly to our desired destination.

  Most of all, in this choice to guide yourself. To fill your life with good intentions for self and for others; comes vulnerability. You must be willing to open, to speak of your pain with others and yourself.

  But no in the search for sympathy or pity, but for understanding, for guidance. For what may be hurting you now, someone may have the answer. But there is no chance of guidance if we sew shut our lips like a suture of wounds.

  We carry with us many mistakes and many things that bring us aches. We are all imperfections of ourselves, but bare perfections of life. We are the guardians of our minds, our hearts, our weather. We choose to fight or fall.

  Be the bee to pollinate good thought across all or be the locust to swarm and devour what goodness we have left. We are magic in the form of the physical. According to science, we should not exists. We should be but atoms floating in distant and empty spaces.

  But we are not, we are granted life and often spend it unwisely. We choose resentment over growth, popularity over character, or flesh over love.

  We are fools, but we can also be wise fools. We can learn to plant a seed and let it grow. We can learn to be more than what others see and more than what we think. But we must water our seeds daily, we must think with a smile. Breathe with our hearts and fight with our minds.
What good intentions have you brought into your life?

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