Be Homeless

Be Homeless

I hear it a lot, that the day sucks, life sucks, or something sucks. I hear people complain as if everyone is out to get them. I hear people complain because something they bought at the store is fifty cents more than what the listing in the stores coupon book said.

I hear people complain because they don't have a nice car, or a house. I hear people complain all the time about the lamest things ever. People complaining about situations they put themselves in and then bitch about how they got screwed.

People complain about being pulled over when they broke the law.....hint, you broke the law.

Worst part is, I used to be one of these people. A mouth full of complaints like a fat kid in cupcake shop. I was rampant about complaining with every breath I had. But today's thought is not about me, it is about those that fill mouths with complaints.

It is about thinking deep into something you are not and hope you would never wish to be.

It is about catching yourself slipping when you want to complain or even blame. It is about figuring out what is truly important to you and you alone.

What exactly am I going to talk about? I am going to talk about being homeless. I myself have had close moments with becoming homeless, but ended up making the more positive decisions in life.

Why am I going to talk about homelessness exactly? Well, I am not going to talk precisely about homelessness but, rather the existence of it, truly looking at what it would be to be homeless. To take yourself out of every comfort  you have and toss it all away.

Take this moment and think about being homeless. Start off by thinking what it would take for you to get there. Drug use, losing your job, an accident that would leave you permanently handicapped? Maybe a mix of them, maybe the death of a lover, a family member?

Maybe you already have that or already down that road. If you are, then I suggest really sitting down and adjusting how you view the path you are on.

Now, after you have that thought. I want you to start imagining how you would look after a month out on the street.  The smell, the weather, your clothes and body covered in filth for weeks. Your mouth, how would your teeth look? Feel the grim that would collect on your teeth like silt.

Imagine how your feet would feel and smell. Would you even have socks anymore? What about shoes?

Now really imagine where you would be at, in an alley in a box? Just on the side of the street sleeping wherever your depressed, drugged, drunk, self can find? Think about all this, I really think about it and feel it. I often keep it at the front of my mind as reminder, as reason to not fall away from myself.

Put yourself in place you would never want be. Look at yourself in your mind. Your homeless self, cold, shelterless, ruined ego, devastated heart, and decaying body that walks. What do you feel, what do you think of yourself? No showers, no daily food, no warmth as winter hits, no shelter from the pouring rain.

Your clothes soaked as winter seeps in and you become frigid, your fingers and toes painfully going numb. As you shiver all alone as you walk down the street. Begging strangers for change for a cup, or even a bottle of something to keep you warm.

What choices did you have to make to get to that place? Now with all that in you, think about all the stuff you had before you were  homeless. Now take whatever that is and throw it all in the dump. Throw away your bed, your sheets, blankets throw away your TV, your phone, your favorite movies, music. Pictures, food, car, and anything else you posses.

Now how do you feel? How do you feel about living in a broken soul? How comfortable are you in the reality of you who are? Are you too comfortable, are you uncomfortable. If you are comfortable I would be careful, for comfort can breed a strong person into being weak and naive.

Do you feel your heart sink as you watch your friends become turned away from your situation? After they have grown tired of trying to pull you from your pit of despair. Are you tingling with anxiety as you could no longer walk up to your front door unlock and get warm?

What about sickness, how will you get help for being ill? How many others that are homeless are standing in line to a see a doctor who is most likely overwhelmed and won't be able to help?  What about the love you will lose, not only for yourself but for those you love? Where will you find laughter? Where will you turn when your shadow bears down on you like a demon falling from heaven?

We are given much more than we need, but we are often greedy in our bodies, our thoughts. Always wanting more and never satisfied with what we have. How much would you have to lose before you see how wonderful life really is?
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We all often forget how good we really have it. What do you think of this? 

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