A Love at War

A Love at War

Darling, I stand before you as I prepare for my possible end, our end. For tonight I must take up my sword and fight for our country. I have bound myself to this country so that I may fight for it and allow it to stand beyond the test of time. To see its banner fly even through the darkest of times.

 But my darling, as we take our last kiss and hold each other before we must say goodbye. Let it be known to you and the world, that I not only fight for the land beneath my feet and those that walk beside me. But fight for our opportunity of love.

 I fight so that we may be safe in our homes. Safe, so that we may birth a family and grow old. I fight for our love darling. So that we may not love only for a moment, but for a lifetime. For we are given freedom to choose our love. To hold hands with whomever we may place our hearts upon.

 I fight for these soils so that those who cannot defend themselves may have opportunity to live. Opportunity to do what they love. Opportunity for you and I to live in peace upon the foundation of our home, our love.

 Tonight, when the stars shine, the moon glows and the clouds vanish. We shall embrace in a moment that will bring tears and I will be a fool and keep mine from falling. For I must show courage before my men, that there is nothing to rid me of my focus. I must keep my tears held for my return, so that I may return my men to their families, those that bare children.

 Our love will always be at my heart and I will say your name as I stare into the abyss of battle and pray we meet again. My darling, we are more than our skin, our lips and our eyes. We are an extensions of each other.

 What you think, I will think, what you feel, I will feel, and what you pray for I will pray for. For we are more than the lust of our flesh, we are magic. And when the nights draw cold and I am held at enemy lines, I will say your name as my heart is touched in your prayers.

 I will say your name as I wake with each morning. I will say your name when we are victorious and slain our enemy. I will rejoice in our love when the cold grasp of winter takes to my lungs. I will say your name when the heat of the desert bears upon my face, peeling me of my skin.

 Darling, I fight so that we may be a country not of cowards but of heroes. I fight, so that upon my return, our love is even stronger. I fight, so that our children can be proud of us. Proud that our love stood against the anxieties of life, of war.

 Darling, you are the first and last thing I shall think of. You shall be my sun in darkness, my stars when lost and my fire when cold.

 Darling, let us share our love before we part. Let our lips taste our hearts, our flesh feel our souls and our eyes see our love. Darling, if this is our last moment, let it be known that you are everything I could ever need.

 You are the air, the wild green grass, the wheat that feeds us, the moon that pulls the tides, the water that holds life and the music that dances in my ears. Take this kiss darling and let it be a memory to keep us going. Let it be a memory that will tie us together, even in death.

Goodbye my darling.
How would you feel about having to say goodbye as you leave to your possible death?

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