Life Is

 Life Is

Life is, a beautiful sunset. Life is a sunrise cresting over an ebbing tide. Flooding the once hidden sands to be seen by our delicate eyes. Life is waking with a smile, finding reason to rise even during the storms. Life is a gift, and we must spend it, share it wisely.

 Life is our only life, life is the silent moments with those we love. The moments we jump into puddles of laughter and wet our souls with a loving appetite. Life is our beating heart, the blood rushing through our veins without a thought.

 Life is, complicated, but only if you make it so. Life is, do able, but only if you work it to be. Life is an opportunity, one against ten to the two-million-six-hundred and eighty-five-thousandth power. That is a chance of almost zero.

 Life is, a miracle, a chance to be what no other creature can be, you, and what ever dreams you wish to build. Life is, creativity, creating yourself: learning, trying, doing, failing, and getting back up. Life is diving into your heart and finding things you never knew about before.

 Life is, listening, to each other, speaking no words and giving only your ear. Life is, listening to the crashing oceans against the shore. Listening to the birds that fly above head as they search for food. Listening to music in the dense silence of your own room. Or in the crowd of thousands cheering, falling into the vibes that resonate with you.

 Life is a journey, taking paths untouched, taking chances against fear. Journeying to the depth of the soul where colors never seen burst like the geysers of the earth. Sprouting astonishment, thought, understanding of what lies beneath.

 Life is, difficult, but worth it. Life is sorrow, suffering, but these are not without lessons. Life is, reflection, looking back, but not staying. Feeling, but not consuming misery. Life is unsteady, but that is what makes it beautiful.

 Life is, not without its ups, its downs, its rain, its suns. Life is, everything we are and everything we are not. Life is the mountains that bath the horizon. Life is the snow that falls during a brisk winter night. Life is the colors of leaves that change when it is their time to rest.

 Life is the stars that set against the blanketed night. Life is, the moon that keeps our eyes in wonder. Life is the unknown, the seen and unseen. Life is, the entwined steps we take with each other. Life is the stranger that passes you by and smiles.

 Life is, acts of kindness when our days are terrible. Life is dedication, honesty, love, and perseverance. Life is, the thoughts that build us. Life is the endless time that will grow beyond our death. Life is a beginning and end.

 Life is, what we make it. Life is, our only chance to sing, to dance, to breathe the air we cannot see.  To smell the roses that will soon wither. Life is, the grass that cushions our bare feet in the summer. It is the sidewalks we gather upon and talk amongst our friends.

 Life is risk, with love, with dreams. Life is the bones that hold us up and the organs that live beneath them. Life is the atoms we can only be, but cannot create. Life is bountiful in wonder, but only if we take the time to see. Life is gratitude in the darkest of times.

Life is, you, us, every little thing, every catastrophe and miracle. Life is god.
What is life to you, what would you write to describe life? 

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