From Strangers to Love

From Strangers to Love 

"My lady, may I take your hand?"

Faye paused for a moment, looking the gentlemen before her up and down. She showed no interest as her eyes steered across his body. He wore a tuxedo, a black tuxedo with thin white leather gloves. His hair was pressed back like a wave. 

It glistened with a tint of blonde against the festive lights that stood lit around the courtyard. The moon hung with a delicate tone of blue. The stars shone with magnificence, so clearly they could be seen, any sailor could have found his way among them. 

After she looked him over she perked her lips, opened her purse and pulled out a stick of lipstick. Faye wore a black dress with a red silk rose sewn above her right breast. She took the lipstick and pressed it to her lips. 

A dark crimson stained her puckered lips. As she painted her lips of an alluring red, she paid no attention to the gentlemen before her. Her eyes were kept strictly to the small hand mirror she already had in her hand prior to being asked to dance. 

The gentleman, still standing in front of Faye, had a clear look of anticipation and showed no sign of leaving till he got an answer. His dark eyes swelled with attraction as he watched Faye apply her lips. Once she was done, she placed away the mirror and lipstick.

The gentleman then proceeded to ask her again,

"My lady, may I take your hand in the request for a dance?"

Faye, after stowing away her items she looked up at the gentleman and smiled and said, "Now why should I dance with you? I have only just gotten here."

The gentleman nodded his head gently and smiled. He then stepped closer to Faye, carefully grasped her hand with his thumb on top and pressed himself slightly against her. He smiled once more, locked eyes and then leaned to Faye's Right ear and whispered,

"I have heard a lot about you and may I say, you are more beautiful than any words that have dared to describe you. The moon should be ashamed of itself. For it compares not even in the slightest of your beauty."

Faye did her best to hold back a blushing smile, her knees bent just a little as she felt his lips carefully caress her ear as he spoke. His voice was charming, it melted upon her skin like ice on a summers eve. She batted her eyes but quickly returned to a non expressive posture after the gentleman stood back from her.

He then quelled his words and waited for Faye to respond. Faye then looked at the gentleman and said,

"If you know so much about me, then why don't you tell me something of myself. Tell me my name."

The gentleman paused for a moment, as if he were caught in lie. His lips remained shut, but only for a few seconds. He then carefully released Faye's hand and said, "Your name.....your name is........"

Faye looked at the gentleman as he froze with no answer, "Hm, guess I will take my beauty elsewhere, preferably to man who will not lie to me, especially at first glance."

Faye then started to walk away, she brushed past the gentleman. Her heels clicked against the stone grounds and her body swayed with bountiful allure. The gentlemen watched as her hips curved with each step she took.

He then took a few quick steps forward and said, "Your name is Faye!"

Faye quickly stopped. She turned around with an appeasing smile, as if she had finally gotten what she wanted. She then stood motionless, her eyes locked on the gentleman, he started to approach her.

 A few feet from her and Faye asks, "Well then, what is your name? Or are you expecting I will be foolish enough to dance with a stranger?" Faye softly brushes her hair on her right side behind her ear as her eyes stare with seduction.

The gentleman reaches Faye with a smile and eyes of desire. The moonlight beams off his eyes like a small wave beneath the sky. He then laced his right hand in Faye's left, he then placed his left hand on her right hip. Looked her in the eyes and said, "My name is Elliot."

Faye smiled, placed her purse down onto the fountain edge that stood right next to them. She then followed suit and they began to dance. Music played softly in the background, a small symphony of violins and pianos. 

The music took over the air as the two held each other. As they began to dance their eyes remained locked. Something overcame them both, silence held their tongues. They became lost in the vibrant moment of dance and music. 

Faye felt calm, safe, she explored her thoughts of Elliot as they danced. She thought of who he might be, why he is here and why he picked her? How did he know her name? 

Elliot too began to swelter in his thoughts. He began to think how lucky he is to be dancing with such a beautiful and confident woman. He wondered if he would get to know her or if tonight was it?Is she here for no other reason than herself, to enjoy the wonders of this magical night?

Then, as they danced, the symphony stopped, and the fountain next to the them lit up, fireworks shot into the sky. Brilliant shades of purples, reds, whites, greens, and blues showered the sky. Elliot and Faye stood frozen, holding each other, watching the sky light up. 

Both smiled with excitement and joy. Just as the show was ending, Elliot turned toward Faye and looked to her. Faye was still mesmerized by the enchantment of the fireworks. Suddenly, Elliot felt his heart jolt, an unusual jolt.

His stomach suddenly become a cocoon of butterflies. He could feel his cheeks blush, he couldn't believe the sight he was seeing. His eyes followed Faye's jaw line. Then his eyes melted along her neck and across her collar bone. 

Faye then felt something spark in her. She turned toward Elliot and could see he was looking at her. She too started to dance her eyes across Elliot. She let them fall across his face, his smile and disperse upon his chest. 

She then placed her hand upon his chest and smiled. Elliot was struck, he didn't know what to say. He then realized the liquid courage he had taken earlier was wearing off. So he inhaled heavily, looked at Faye, took both her hands. 

He then removed one hand, raised it to Faye's face and gently placed it upon her cheek. He then slowly leaned in. Their lips pressed together with perfection. Both became swelled with racing hearts and two colliding souls. 

The fireworks ended, the fountain returned to its softer side and the moon and stars once again reigned over the sky. All became unnoticed except for Elliot and Faye in their moment. After the kiss was completed, Elliot stepped back from Faye. 

Elliot then began to speak,

"Faye, you are beyond beautiful, you're an artifact of god. I have been searching for you my whole life, and I have finally found you. You are the stars that kiss the night, the moon that holds oceans and the sun that spins my heart. I longed to hold you the first day I saw you. You were a cashier at the train station. I was in a hurry and could not be late for an important business. But I swore to myself I would find you and invite you here. 

I remembered your name printed on your name tag... FAYE, in bold indented letters. You wore a rose in your hair, much like the one you wear now. Your eyes, just as beautiful as I remember. I invited you here in hopes I was right. That you are the soul that matches mine. The lips to my words, and as we kissed, I lost myself in a cosmos of wonder. I felt the world shake, my heart spin and my soul shout with passion. 

So Faye, as I stand here before you, a stranger, but a stranger with a name, I ask, may I take your hand for another dance and may I get to know you beyond those ravishing lips and those stunning eyes?"

Faye, speechless, blushes with a smile of affection and nods yes. She then wraps herself around Elliot. Elliot holds her for a moment then carefully removes himself. He quickly walks up to the symphony stage, he claps to gather the surrounding crowds attention and says;

"I am sorry to say this, but I must ask you all to leave, (The crowd looks confused and the band starts to pack up. Elliot turns to the band and quietly says, "No, you guys stay, I will pay you all an extra fifty." The band remains seated.) Elliot continues to speak to the crowd. " I am sorry for the inconvenience but I have taken ill, (imitates a sick cough, but poorly and clears his throat.) I appreciate you all coming and thank you again for everything, hope to see you again."

Elliot then tells the symphony to start playing again. Faye stands with a confused look as Elliot approaches her. Elliot says nothing, he takes up Faye's hand and hip and they start to dance as the people flood out of the courtyard.

They then continue to dance even when it is just them, till their feet can stand no more. 
Have you ever had a magical moment with someone like Elliot and Faye did? What made it magical? 

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