Painted A Blue Heart

Painted A Blue Heart

I painted a heart today, a heart to remember you by. A blue heart, why blue? I am not exactly sure, maybe to show the sadness I have. Or to remember all the cold winter nights we shared by the fire. A bitter sweet case of love.

I glazed the edges in a shallow blue, a light hue. Why, I am not sure? Maybe to remember the more delicate times we had, where we shared tears yet happiness ensued. As I drew this heart, I thought of the warmth it brought, though it be blue. But are there not flames of blue?

Color is a mere abstract of feelings, often I find what others find sad, happy. That is why I painted this heart blue, at least that's what I think.

After the shallow blue, I drug the far edges of the canvass in pure blackness. I created a shroud of darkness to encase the far edges of what I painted. Why? Maybe to reinforce my belief that you are still out there somewhere, living where we could not. That what is at the center of all this sorrow, can expand into something else.

Into something limitless, maybe, at some point I will paint a red heart. Why? Because, is that not the color a heart is to be? But we do not speak of black hearts, dark heart, blue hearts, and red? There is much to a heart, as there is much to what I paint.

After I drug the far reaches of the canvass through blackness, I took a deep blue between the black and shallow. Why, maybe to show there is nothing I can forget? My memories of you, of us, run deep, deep as the ocean blue.

Like this heart, though the ocean gets darker the further you sink, this heart grows brighter. I made sure of that. Because you always ran brighter, no matter the agony that found us. You were a beacon of light in the storm.

You were a part of my heart a star to follow, to find north. A constellation could be found among you.

So, I end the heart untouched at the center. Allowing a peaceful glow of pearl white. Untouched as were you, never broken by misery, by tragedy, there was nothing you could not press through. So I leave the center without blemish, as were you.

I painted a heart today, I painted it blue, Why? Maybe, because blue was your favorite color, so why not celebrate you with such a color? Today, I painted a heart, so that I may always be reminded of you whenever I am home.
Do you have or have you made anything to remind you of someone? 


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