Ascending Memories

Ascending Memories 

We ascended with our feet upon the ground. Gathering up our thoughts like broken sticks, placing them in our bags to tell of later. We were silent as we climbed, hand in hand, silence at heart. Wearing red to signify the blood of our fallen hearts.

 Our eyes reflected of the dark, as the rain poured with misery as we coated our hearts black. Ivory keys of woeful tunes played as we tried to piece ourselves together. We ascended higher and higher, but the terrain only became worse.

 Vines bared thorns as roses of translucent petals hung like fingers of relaxed limbs. A few times our flesh came torn by the prick of thorns. The roses took to our blood, and what was once translucent became red.

 Once our altitude was beyond the view of earth, the clouds became thick. Dense like the waters of the ocean. The beat of our blackened hearts grew louder through the density of these dreary clouds. We clasped our hands together, as not to lose one another.

 But we were feeble in our attempt to mend our separation. The high rise of our ascent led us to the uncharted. Quickly the ground beneath us split. She fell from my grasp to the empty. I heard her scream for only a moment, before she was swallowed by silence.

 I could see no further than my own hands. I let my foot gently feel about my surroundings, and there, just a foot in front, I could feel an edge. I wept as it could've been prevented, but we hurried through the dense clouds and fog.

 She fell and there I stood alone, silent in my thoughts. My bag, heavy upon my shoulders as I now carry the thoughts of her.

In my shocked state of weeping I mustered the strength to move on. I followed the edge, carefully watching where the clouds sank. Seeping into the void of haunting silence.

A few moments passed and my tears became still. I found a bridge, a bridge we could have crossed together, hand in hand. But our eagerness to find the top led us blind. We paid little to what was at our feet.

Though alone, I took our thoughts, heavy upon my shoulders, my heart, I stepped upon the bridge. With careful and precise steps. Each plank creaked beneath my weight. I could feel the wind rushing over me. It wanted to thrust me from the foundation.

I stood strong the best I could. With the wind howling and the void crying out. I kept my eyes to the other side. The bridge swayed like a delicate flower to the angers of nature. My heart trembled in fear, my eyes still darkened, but I kept on.

But in the near collapse of the bridge with my possible demise of death, I made it across. A brunt rush of relief swelled within my chest. I let out a heavy breath and allowed myself to fall to my knees. I touched the ground, I kissed it.

I became grateful of my foundation though I be alone. After my stint of gratitude, I rose from my knees and looked to my front, and before me was beauty. A vast valley brimming with brilliant colors and a warm embrace of nature.

But again, there was an unclear path, that split through the middle.
Do you appreciate what you have?
Do you take the time to see what is at your feet, or do you leap in eager motion and lose track?

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