A Land of Memory

A Land of Memory

 As the river seeps to the ocean I feel my soul expand to the glossing waves of summer. Crashing against the once broken shore of my heart. But now my sands vibrate with excitement, attracting the risk of the unknown.

 Blossoming with arms wide open to catch the unforeseen as do shores reeling in debris. I follow with my eyes to heed to the beauty of my thoughts. Never catering fully to the echoes that call from the ever ebbing waves.

 The lodge that sits at the edge of the woods once swelled with painful misery. My heart was torn from my ribs at the hand of my love. I quelled my misery in the delight of vices as I fought to forget her lips, her soul.

 Our feet used to press together into these sands as we waltzed with smiles and eyes fixated to each others glistening horizons. Every flower reminded me of her beauty, of her elegance. Just as flowers sway to the touch of wind, so did her hair.

 Such aroma do flowers give, but their scent is sparse to what she once held. She was a rose kissed in the fragrance of blooming jasmine, sweet, rich with nature. But now, now her fragrance withers in my thoughts. Rotting like the vapors of death, I have designed her to be unsightly. So I may be free of her mesmerizing allure of romantic perfection.

 The woods that once held many stories of familiar wonder, but crept with pain; now only hold the memories of what is yet to come. I now move pass the broken branches that shatter with shrieks of agony, and greet the new, growing branches of prosperity, of the improved.

 These once thought cursing lands and water, now crest with new horizons, new air to be ingested with eager lungs. As I now set myself in this once shared boat painted in red, I breathe in serenity. I float with the river in peace.

 I now follow it to the ocean without the cringing of my heart and the utterances of my mind. No echo falls from the rafters of the cascades and bears weight. I float with precision to be joyful, jubilant in what I will find alone.

 I carry no more bags filled to the brim with grains of pain. I am weightless to my surroundings. I bare a heart that seeks to explore, to wander where I wish, not where the anguish erupts. I place myself in this once shared boat, to find myself again and in my expedition, I give my heart the berth to love another.
What areas in your life hold painful memories that you have yet to move on from, places that you avoid, in thought or presence?

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