Your Dream, Fight For it

Your Dream, Fight For it 

Do not run from your dreams no matter what. Do not, do not.....become the pale victim of others thoughts. Don't fall to their testing of your weakness, the bitter cold is what they feel. They only wish the same for you.

But I warn you, when you reach your dream, that is when the true test of you comes into play. For getting to the dream is a struggle, but to maintain it, keep it. Is even more difficult than building it. For even a skyscraper when built, can fall to the opening of the earth.

You must hold your dream as you hold your heart, protected beneath the foundation of your love. Of the ribs that bear protection against ailments. Yet, open, beating, feeling, giving to the world a piece of you. Sharing your dream so that others may see it. 

So that others may understand they too can achieve such goals. 

Maintain your dream, work on it daily, hourly. With every thought you must manifest it as if it's falling away. That you are holding it by the grip of your hand as it dangles over a jealous abyss. The fear of letting go, of losing it all, will drive you to strengthen your grip.

For as you hold to this dream, many will step to your side and tell you to let go. That you are weak, nothing but a waste, a fragile child with no hope of exceeding. They will step on your chest, restricting you of breath, hoping you will fumble your grip.

But this you will not do. You will take what ever breath you have left and hold it. You will allow yourself to suffocate in the name of your dream before you ever let go. For you dream is as precious as the first day you were born.

Your scars, emotional, physical, are the badges of your struggle. Evidence of your consent persistence to keep moving, pulling your self up the side of an endless cliff. Reaching the top only to see that you must climb higher. 

But this does not falter you, for you are brave, unstoppable in the wake of your dream. You are a tidal wave pressing through the cities of doubt. Bringing massacre to fear and drowning out its child, regret. 

When you reach your dream, I beg of you with all my heart. Do not let it go, though your heart may grow tired. Though your enemy constant in its voice, keep your grip firm. Exercise your heart, realize the greatness you have made. Be it a small dream or exuberant, for no matter the scope of  a dream, their is purpose behind it.

Live it every day and if you are not there yet, you will be. Remain vigilant in your thoughts, your actions, and to those you bring company to and allow in your heart. Your dream is waiting, your dream is in your hand, grab it, hold it, live it. 
What is your dream, let me know?

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