Our Freedom

Our Freedom

Here we stand, at the jaws of tyranny; brave, bold, ready to sacrifice. To free our souls from the binds of royal rule. Too long have we been the sheep of the foul, of the fraudulent virtues of power. Ceding our work for the masses.

Oppressing us from the very air we breathe. Forcing us to the belly of silence as we become slaves to rulers, to greed. But now, now we are together, arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand. Ready to give it our all.

To give our destitute souls the chance to live. To bring each man and woman a chance to change their life. To breed their dreams as they please and build a family of moral ground. We shall fight for this land and give our people hope.

Putting the glory of our god before us and the love our family in our hearts. Our people, are our family. We must be vigilant today, for the enemy seeks to devour us. To force us to our impaling, to sever our heads from our bodies.

Fear is their strategy, but heart is ours. For the blood that pumps through our veins is not of this world. Not of these rules and our blood desires open plains and fresh air. Our hearts desire the epic ensemble of freedom, of choice to walk blindly, or open our eyes and fight for our passions.

We wish no man nor woman to be the pinnacle argument of rule. No group shall dictate our thoughts, our mouths, our very tongues. For we are each an individual, each with our own thoughts, our own dreams, and love.

We are each something for this land to behold. Though we be individual, we will fight together, for as we live on this land. We must embrace each-other and honor our sacrifices. We must not become complacent in where we bred our freedom from.

We must not become spoiled in our blood nor words. This is where we start our life, our world, where all can be as they wish. Without fear of beheading nor the outrageous attempt to suffer in the malcontent greed of the government.

Swarming us with taxes "for" the people. This is but a lie, they wish only to keep us weak and them strong. To turn us against each other and split us till we are but the cowards mouth of fear and crave the sufficing restrain of thought.

But we are not feeble, we are not sheep, we are not cowards and nor will fear bring us to our knees. We shall rise in this moment and the moments to come. We shall conquer and bring freedom to our feet.

We shall spread our wings as does the dragon but we shall be tamed in our actions. But shall have fierceness that would be foolish to test. Our teeth are sharp, our breath is of fire, and our eyes of piercing gaze.

We shall echo through out this world as a mighty star for others to follow. We will welcome the rising of others but not let our gates become crowded. For we are still young and know little of the beasts that hide in the shade of our trees and of others.

We shall pass through cold winters to be free, we shall march through deserts to win, we shall fight through storms, through hell, and through all tragedy that shall be bestowed upon us. We shall give blood in the war of our hearts, our families, our country.

We must always be this, if we wish to ever have it and hold it forever. For though the brave shall populate, fools populate faster. For they allow no morals to kiss them and they speak only with complaint and a malnourished soul.

Happy fourth of July! 
We should be proud of where we are now, yes, we have made mistakes. But that is what history is for. For us to learn and understand so that we may not make the same mistakes again. We are blessed to live in this country called America. I wish the whole world could live as free as we are. Never do we have to fear the silencing of our words, our thoughts, everyone has the choice to get a job or take the risk of another path. We are only growing better as a nation, though right now may be rocky.

But I bleive the right people will rise and we shall continue forth into the future of our freedom.

If you do not feel the same, please let me know why.

Thank you for reading.

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