Cradle This

Cradle This 

Cradle this,

What ever it may be to you, hold it. Let its fire rise like the flames of a burning forest.
Allow new sediment to settle. To bring new life from the old and propel the dead from the soil. Allow new leaves to breathe and roots to sprout new roses.

Let the petals expand into an expanse of endless thought. Where journeys are bountiful and all is encouraged in growth. Being not tempted by the swaying tentacles of the damned. As they are portrayed in the depths of sea by delicate light.

Many are driven to their luxurious beauty. Only to find themselves bound to their poison, falling ill in spirit. Calling out woes at the most minuscule of disruption.

What ever this may be to you, embrace it. Let yourself dance in its glory, for it is a miracle. For too often we are seamlessly pursuing the perversion of what lies at our feet. Turning our heads to the immediate, while flowers reach out to the far.

Stretching to what they shall never have, only to feel the sensation of their giver. While we so frequently dance in our soils as if another should tend to it. Looking not to the mountains that crest at the tip of our vision.

Tears fall and we think them to be only pain. But tears are like the Mantis; decapitation. Releasing the burden of ourselves with pain. Turning that which cannot be explained in the scripture of language; to be poured out into the sustenance of life. Cutting off our ego to release our soul from our own infliction's.

But like the rushing of water from the veins of the earth. Much must be cleansed in repetition before a clear path is forged. We must excavate as do the roots of trees to find the nutrients of our hearts.

What ever it may be, I plead with you, entwine yourself in it. Let it be ever changing and ever the reason to be conscious.
Thank you for reading.

What meaning do these words carry for you and why do you think?
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