Not Fair

Not fair?

You know what's not fair, that eight year old boy who who was diagnosed with cancer on his eighth birthday. The mom that has to watch her child slowly die as she prays he will survive; only to watch him take his last breath.

After all those sleepless nights of pain staking chemo. All those days of watching their child go from a bundle of energy, to a pale boy of sickness.

Life's not fair?

You know what's no fair, going to work to find out you are being fired because someone holds a minority that you don't. Fired, because your skin complexion is not the right color and they need more of the other. Being fired, because the company needs more of a certain set of sex organs to help out "equality."
Your life's not fair?

You know what's not fair, those 200,000+ men who went to help eradicate the evils of Hitler. Only to die less than hundred feet onto the shore. All those sons taken from their families, all those father and mothers getting a letter telling them their son(s) are no more. Having an endless void from the suffering of a lost child.

Your life's not fair?

You know what's not fair, the mother that did every thing right. Only to be abandoned by her husband; because he couldn't, (wouldn't) take the time to improve himself or the situation. Or the husband who finds his wife cheating on him because he was too busy.

Rather than speaking up, each scenario dove in the murder of their significant others soul.

Your life's not fair?

You know what's not fair, children, women, men, being slaughtered in third world countries by dictators. Being starved because their governments wish not to adapt to the changing world. Greed, envy, hatred drive these government.  Women being mutilated by evil. Evil that supposedly walks the soils of freedom. Yet those who speak of "equality," whom live on these soils of freedom; dare not step forth to speak on behalf of those in the third-world country. For what they speak is corruption, dictatorship and murder.

Your life's not fair?

You know what's not fair, a young boy being sentenced to death because the doctors of a government ran facility believe the boy is not worth trying to save. All the while the parents are not allowed to transfer their son to a new hospital. So they must wait for their boys death with each passing day. All the while royalty displays their newborn and the world praises them. All the while unborn children are being murdered before they have a chance to even speak their peace.

Not fair? You think your life's not fair? Welcome to the harsh reality of the world. We all face tragedy, sorrow, suffering and pain. But those who realize it is not about falling to suffering. But about pushing and seeing the good in themselves and those around them. They find peace, they find purpose, they find prosperity. Not those who's tongues run with bleeding complaints and the blaming of others. Not those who use hollow arguments backed by single words to get what they want.

Life is unfair and it should be. For it forces us to grow our character and become creative in ourselves. It shows us that we can survive with what we don't have, so that we may focus on what we do. So that we may see the beauty in oursevles and lean to help others when they suffer.

We are all survivors of unfair life, use your survival as model of good faith. Not a model of moral greed.
Thank you for reading. 

What are you going to do to make your life better?

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