Math Ain't So Bad; Maybe it's God?

Math Ain't So Bad; Maybe it's God?

Where does time flow?

Beneath our feet, in the depth of our lungs? oh, I know, in the creation of math!
Damn you math, your intricacies of design. To turn theory into reality and something that does not exist into something we all obey.

How I dread the application of your existence. You never allow open answers, only direct. An honest approach you could say; never hiding a lie nor truth.

Allowing things to be exact, calling out mistakes of theories. Even those that had once stood the test of time. Oh, how irritable that must be; to have slayed away to create an idea of science so grand, it seemed impossible to disprove.

Only to have math coming walking by in its top hat and call out your flaw. Disapproval is painful, but at least math won't leave you heart broken. Holding lies and sticking by your side only to find out it has been cheating on you with music.

Oh wait, there is math in that too, damn. Is there anything you do not do? Is there anything you cannot add or subtract?

What madness created you!

It is like you are god, there is no getting around god. The creator of all, the divine. How difficult it must be to always be right. Never allowing one to sneak by without a slap in the face. Sure, take a short cut, but mess up, and you'll have to start all over.

I mean, why can't you be what so many deny exists? You bring meaning to all things, you create, you have no flaws and you are everything we cannot be; perfect.

Hmmm, maybe, I don't hate you so much.

Maybe, I just needed a little time to myself to think.
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Do you despise math or love it? 

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