A Poetic Thought

A Poetic Thought

A dime a dozen, a smile. The attraction of the unexpected, the never sought out. Wandering the pastures of an open heart. Leading with no concrete expectation. Breathing in the salted air as waves gently crash. Passing the fading past as if it is but only a foot print to be drowned.

Listening with calm ears, following with eyes of magnificent curiosity as the seagull passes above. Calling out to the sea in search of others. Spreading wings to guide even in the coldest of days. Storms bolster with arrogance. Wavering a tantrum of rage, eventually calming in the wake of empty praise.

Scars of the rash, but a remedy can be; plucked from the burdens of the chest. Shared in the commons of suffering. Letting no ill memory be the waking of thought. Standing steady even in the rush of agony.

Allow no avalanche of tragedy to condense the purpose of life. Bleed from only the mistakes, the failures. Burrowing hills, reaching the peaks of mountains. Creating an abundance of light in the dimness of pain.

No woeful story to sever the open waters of hope, of faith. Sail beside the eagle, soar when it does. Feast when it feasts, rest when it rests. But always ready to fly, to hunt, to fight. Capturing prey, digesting the triumph.

Feeling no pity for the weak that advance for no new horizon. Comfort is the enemy of the lion, a roar frightens, but claws lacerate. Feast like a beast, hunt in the heat though exhaustion finds you feeble.

For even lions have illness and enemies of greed.

Little by little time shall pass, a frozen clock; death shall sprout. Call you by name and give you no chance. Let your eyes see the sky, your heart the sun, and your mind the moon.

Be the beast, the eagle, and the sea.
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it.

Be the open you, the honest you, the confident you, the caring you; be you!
What is holding you back from you?

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