The Chapters We Fear

The Chapters We Fear 

He sits looking to the pages before him, the ones he wrote. Turning each page with hesitation as a grim feel of grief taints his face. His eyes looking leery of what he shall read. For he knows the words that have tied themselves to these chapters.

Peeling each page back with reserve but in the intent to understand. His heart drops in a constant revolution upon the turning of pages; fleeting to the boules of his gut. Moon light shimmers along side the welcoming of modest flames, it flares a shadow upon his wall.

He looks to his flickering silhouette that fears the moon and candle light. It contorts with a sight of misery compelled by the wish to retreat. Snarling at the visage of what he is. He ignores the aggravating wishes of his shadow. He continues to turn the tears and blood stained pages.

This book is no mere read for the weak nor the lackadaisical. It is the exact reflection of himself, of everything he has done. It is a book no man wishes to read nor hold in his hand. Many find the sheer thought of such a book to daunt them with much pain.

They prefer the surrender of themselves to silence; to the perpetual cycle of insane suffering. A countless life led with emotional depravity. Pulling each scab of pain from their flesh and placing it upon another. Spewing a mouth of fallacies that only advances their sorrow; to consume them till they are but shells of their former self.

Lingering in the shade of darkness, blowing out all candles that seek to give light.

But this man has felt the crossing of darkness and he has heard the foot steps of death. The malformed drums of hell; the bellowing of the damned. He has tasted the tears of loathing and has ground his teeth upon petulance.

He prepares to be no more the seeds of hell. Nor a ghost of lathered regret, sulking in tears as if freedom comes with complaint. Though his heart heavy, his blood thick, his breath shallow; as is a wave upon a shore. He he places his book in his hand and finds himself curling in agony at each page.

But in the agony that burns his soul and constricts his thoughts. He has found lessons, understanding, and truth. He has found answers to release many burdens. Freeing himself from the grips of darkness and crying out no more to the empty halls of the cursed.
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What chapters of your life do you run from rather than learn from?

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