Our Failed Sails

Our Failed Sails 

We spent late nights, with the journey of conversation. Spilling our thoughts to wild fantasies of our imagination. Casting ideas of beings beyond our earth, thoughts that stars are stories yet to be told. We felt our hearts beat in synchronicity with each kiss, each moment. 

Our eyes, flared to the wonders of our souls. Gems we called them, as they glimmered in the reflection of our smiles. Our lips caressed each other, concealing our skin the admiration of loving intoxication. We found ourselves lost in the bliss of each other’s spirit. Like addicts to drugs, we could never get enough. Always wanting more, but never, greedy in the need of the other.

Our fingers laced, waltzing in the dust of the midnight sky. Wandering the late streets, making silly faces beneath the lights of First AVE. Summers were our best, adventure was found at every turn. Seeking the breath taking, views that leaves one grateful for the mere ability to see. 

We would embrace each other in the taking of the moment, the view. Holding hands as the sun settled just behind the towering mountains. So small we felt, yet so strong in our love as we looked at the artistry of nature. 

Our love was magic, it thrilled us through every second, every hour, every day. Though we had our arguments, we would find peace in the entwining of our arms; holding each other till our tears faded. We were passed the idea of attraction, we were mesmerized. Captured in each other’s heart like blood in our veins, flowing with devotion. 

Perfect were we, were you. Music is what you were to me. Never could I truly explain how you made me feel. You had the touch that would melt my heart, leaving me eased in my worries. Always did you know how to lift me when the anchors of my hell would deaden my mind. Each link of the chain, you would be by my side, and I the same.

Your laugh still echoes as I stand at the edge of our favorite place. Our spot, where we looked to the stars, exposing our hearts, our stories, our scars, our smiles, and our dreams. Vulnerable did we become; yet shielded in the love of ourselves and each other. 

We were pure, foolproof I say, but somewhere we went wrong. Somewhere a storm took us, and our sails ripped. Losing ourselves to the fog of our minds and falling short to the swimming of our shores. Though this be a tragedy of love, it is our tragedy, and I shall pin it, to the sleeve of my heart. 
Thank you for reading! What love still sits in your heart?

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