A Family Situation

A Family Situation 

His mom rushes out the door, new born in arms. Only ten years old and his father sees no reason to stay. Too young, he understands nothing of the dreadful scene that bleeds before him. His mother pleading as the young child's father rushes off in his old rusted ford.

The tires screech, the moms falls to her knees crying upon the grass. Holding tightly the newly born child, it too cries in the tragedy of the moment. Woken from its slumber with no internal ability to ask why. Neither the new born nor the young boy knows the reason.

The young boy feels only a sense to hide, fear curdles at his throat. But he does not cry, for he is too frightened to feel the grasp of sadness. He stands behind a tall plant that is just a few feet from the window that looks over the front yard. Peering with fearful eyes his upper lip slightly quivers as he sees his mom broken.

He has no words to describe what he feels but his heart feels strange. He is pulled to come out from behind the plant by this strange feeling. Slowly he steps out, left foot, pauses, looks to his mother, right foot.

No longer behind the plant he stands in the doorway of the front yard. The sun is glowing bright, a few scattered clouds rest against the blue sky. The grass is lush and the summer air is warm. Everything about the outdoors is breath taking.

But what breathes inside of this home, is unpleasant. Bills are stacked, arguments have raged for the past three weeks. The noise of the mother and new born crying bring a tingling fright to the young boy's ears. He covers them and continues to watch his mother hold his sibling as she releases the heartache that rips her apart.

Her heart feels severed from her chest. She tries to compose herself as she begins to look up. She wipes the tears from her face the best she can. As she looks up, there at the other side of the street. Stands her neighbors, all staring as if what they saw is the act of degenerates.

The mother instantly feels shame, she stands up and covers her new born and walks back toward the house in shame. Her son still stands at the doorway, he removes his hands from his ears. She sees him and without any thought she begins to try and comfort him.

But strangely he does not respond like she expected. She steps up to him and takes one arm and holds him to her leg. As she does this, the boy gently grabs her hand, steps back and looks up at his mother.

With a great big smile and concern in his young eyes, he says.

"Don't worry mom, we've been in worse. We'll make it through."

Immediately the mother tears up with a joyful smile. She kneels down beside her son and pulls him to her chest. He hugs her back, and then removes the blanket from his sibling's face and kisses them on the cheek.
Thank you for reading.

What family crisis have you been through and how did you handle it?

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