Problems Are Welcomed

Problems Are Welcomed 

Where to start in this continual world? 

So many choices and so much to do, but it feels as if there is little time. But does time not become unrestrained when we become captured by that which finds joy in our heart?

Do we not disappear into the activities that bring us jubilation and separate our happiness from our burdens, our worries? So quickly time can pass when one is tinkering in the bliss of soulful pleasure. Whether it be the striking of strings or the writings of words, or maybe, even the carving of wood. But so much is accomplished in this enchanted thrill of self.

Much sorrow controls our decision, or at least, we allow it such power. Worry forms in the aging of our time, slowly cultivating the teething wars of anxiety. We string our problems like webs, living on them, stepping across each as if they will fade upon avoidance. We act as if no others bear these webs as do ourselves. 

That problems bear no reason but to smite us from our feet and place us upon our knees. Pleading in the wells of our tears that our problems will cease in the cold winters of our hearts. But truth be told, our problems, are far from our true problems. 

Our faithful problem we should be so glad to have, is that problems are what we need. They bring us resistance, which brings the breeding of strength, in spirit and mind. Problems are but feeble attempts to thwart us from our path, to keep us distracted from our purpose. 

But what purpose do I have? You might think, as the constraints of your avoidance constricts the very air you breathe. 

I cannot tell you what purpose you have. But I can tell you this, that we all carry a common purpose in the existence of man; and that purpose is, to confront our problems. To learn from them, to suffer through them, so that we may challenge ourselves. 

So that we may grow, and in this unpleasured approach, not only do we learn to suffer in the respect of ourselves. But we are able to show others, to teach others the struggles of suffering, of understanding and wrangling the snakes of our problems. 

We all carry the pains of life and the tragedies that bleed from its mouth. But, your problems may match another, and they, may have the answer you seek, or you the answer for them. Or merely, you each are but a model for the unspeakable, a miracle of tragedy and lessons. So hold not the fear of problems, but embrace them. Handle them with courage, fortitude, and be a purpose of living, maybe, that is all you need.
Thank you for reading, do you avoid your problems, how so?

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