Fear No Dragon

Fear No Dragon 

Eyes glaze in the echoes of yesterday, the failures, the wins, the losses, and the gains. A heart protruding, not only in the shell of thorns, but flowers. Piercing through a chest of inevitable pain and sorrow, as any breast. 

A conquering will to achieve the unthinkable though held to the brims of misery. Casting the vibrancy of joy, letting it sink like mist and fill the veins of harmony. Feeling no fear in the sight of a dragon. Pulling teeth of the mighty of beast as if they are weeds to a garden. Using the scales as armor, lifting the heart in the acquiring of wings.

Letting no meat go to waste, allowing no mistake to go without resolution. Purging the head of a mask that bears heavy weight, feeling the release of the rotted, the ill and the damned. Rising in the flames of faith, of hope, and talent. 

Trumpets sing in the triumph over suffering. Overthrowing the masquerade that bled from the walls of the mask like venom from fangs. Allowing no more the feeble to enter the kingdom of this flourishing heart, this expanding mind. 

Finding that no flesh is without an angel, be it the metaphysical or the virtual. Giving heart to the skin that wears scars. Allowing no pity to coerce the demons to breathe, to swim in the bile of the gut. Chasing no other eyes for the sake of comfort.

Leaving behind the ashes that display only the vacant, that whisper in deceit. Pleading with smoldering tongues of false contrition. Though it is difficult, a lonely act to carry, it must be done. 

Vanquishing the monsters that stoop like gargoyles to the loins of the heart. Perching, not for protection, but for the feeding of freaks, devils, and horrors. Thrusting forth the blade of virtue, blinding no truth. Being not naive to faults or the misunderstanding of knowledge.

In this rising of character, of courage, and the digesting of marrow. Blazes the nucleus of living.
For there is no life in the living of a mask or the fear of a dragon. 
Thank you for reading, I hope this gave you an uplifting feeling. 

What fears are holding you from the conquering of your life?

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