Capture The Fading and Lose the Moment

Capture The Fading and Lose the Moment

Capture this moment, not in a frame but in the heart. Let it live like a subtle kiss upon the head. Be gentle in the holding of it. Cherish it, embellish it's existence upon its rising memory. For only once will this happen, only once will this moment be.

Time has slipped, there is no going back. There is no sand to hold in your frail hands. Though you may be strong, death is seeping into your veins with each breath. And their is no cure, for life is hard on all, for we all are victims of an end, of time.

Hold tight to the traditions between friends, between love. For they are but a symbol for what was once something fresh. Bringing harmony to the passing of time. Creating a well of healthful memories. Do not fret in the loss of passing time. As long as you abide by the desires within, taking action far from the temptations of the instant. You shall find yourself expanded beyond the stars.

Ecstasy will entrench your body. For the fluid rushing of a replenished soul, from fighting the constant need for what is not needed. Will grow you to the existential existence that many do not see. Place your heart to beat for the future, mend the soul for the present. Let your mind not frighten you in the attempts of life.

Let no memory be needed forever, for one becomes blind in the seconds that fade quicker than the capturing of what it is. Sink not the sluggish sands of your echoing voices, they are bland, and are but of the dead. 

Wasteful is never to be a moment for you. You are blessed in the breathing of life, for others breath no longer than the moment you blinked. Taken are many before they see the stars or cherish love. Be still in your moments but be prepared for war.

There is no constant peace in this life. But their can be peace in your heart, your mind. Find your tune, your memory that will hold you strong. But do not rely on the constant reaching for what no longer is. For even spiders, find new homes if nourishment lacks in the environment. 
What memories keep you going and what times have you wished you just let the moment happen, rather than trying to hold on to it?

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