A Dependence

A Dependence 

You watched me, pleased with your affects. You brought only misery to the void of my heart. Displacing my thoughts in the hands of suffering. I became your puppet, strung out on your command like an abused child beneath the voice of its father.

You concluded with no reason. Abandoned I became even further, you clambered in with precise madness. Growing chaos with each seething tooth at which bled me. You found pleasure in my own forsaken wings. Drowned me in your purest from you did. Battered I became, left with no will, left with no reason to transpire. But to be your empty devotee,  I ached for you. 

Gladly, I tarnished my soul to burrow withing your existence. A womb is what I felt, but a false one were you. Teething at my broken heart, you knew, in my insecure and decrepit state, I could be owned. I could be yours till nothing was left but my complete inane desolation. And in the delight of such an accomplishment, you shall find another.

Piercing them with your tainted taste, but lovely is it not? Your aroma, carrying like freedom through air. Releasing pain that convulses in their veins. Creating a demented representation of tranquility. Articulation of thought becomes a mere nuisance upon your presence. Dull me with your warmth, dull me with your kiss, consume my ever so hopeless heart they will plea.

Make me bitter when you are not around. Make me rage in anger when you are not nudged to the walls my flesh. Worthless am I, but you raise me up, yet bring me down. So more I must have, for I have become null in your dosage. 

Shank me in this prestigously foolish way of life. Let me find peace in the hankering of its weathered smile. I am in no hurry for my wishes to be. And though I look pleased in the swallowing of its exquisitely distasteful zest. I am pleading to be free of its hold. I have allowed it to be my everything. My mornings, my evenings, my rest, my courage to exist. 

Set me free of this coiled snake upon my neck, set me free from my delusion of self, set me free, 
of addiction.  
Thank you for reading, if you are struggling with any sort of addiction, please seek help. You are not alone in the fight to get back your life.

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