A Corruption Of Wealth

A Corruption Of Wealth 

And as your ivory tower grows like twisted weeds from hardened grounds, you become distant. Your tongue holds disdain for the world below. The clouds barely cling to the walls of your tower. You hold an outrageous, pretentious, and noxious view of what walks at the foot of the earth.

Your teeth have become stained in hollow truths, growing your wealth like the greed of a vile king. Filling your belly beside the utmost corrupt. Placing yourself as if you are god, billions you pour into your designs as you place a false crown upon your head. Plotting with devious intentions to will thpeople to your whim. Daunting becomes your fantasy of life, your appetite, insatiable. 

You laugh as the feeble ones underneath plead for a better existence. But you lack any sympathy, you have crowded your soul in power, in riches. And so many are blind as you steer the powers that be. For you hide well behind your treasures of your horrid opulence. For few know of you, but I do, and I pray your face will be pulled from the blankest of corruption.  For too long have your people been massing in the streets and you feed them deceit like children starved of sustenance.

Once humble, now a puppeteer of the living, pulling strings of systems at will. You hold dishonest truths, for you have become enthralled in yourself, in lies. You are a sociopath to the breathing of life. The trumpets of your wicked army ring into the air, lifting all those with deadened eyes, building your immoral troops. The dead rise as hymns of demons resonate with putrid tone.

Yet many, are still blind, for you dress your demons in cloth. You play your trumpets through the echoes of the weak. You are a disgust to your own flesh, but you have grown horns. You step with depraved grace. You are but a soulless being, whom is but the devil himself. Flesh be it flesh, but this you are not.

Your eyes brim with fire, your mouth rotted in foul nepotism. Ugly is the wishes of your decree, for each moment is spent willing the lives of the poor, the feeble, and plain. But now, a new power emerges, a power not even you can repress. An infant this power may be. And for now you may change its course. But as the people adopt, as the people find new light, new wealth at call of their fingers. Bleeding you of your manipulation upon prosperity.

Your horns shall be cut from your head, your tower of babble shall be brought to its knees. And your infernal hell shall be on display for all too see. Each crime shall be spoken among the people. And shame will consume you, but the devil will command you cease. For no longer do you rule the shadows. You shall be left  hanging by the throat of your own noose. The noose at which you hung your soul upon the trade of wealth.

No longer will your presence be an intimidation but a mockery of existence. For you deserve no retribution for the lasting purgatory you have placed upon this earth. Let it be known, that today is the first dawn, of your last moon.
Thank you for reading, what are your thoughts of the greed through corruption? 

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