Tears For A Beautifully Wretched World

Tears For A Beautifully Wretched World

These tears, pull them from my eyes. Pluck them as if they are roses, but be careful their thorns. Do not mix blood with their innocence. For it is I who has held them for far too long. Stowing them away as if useless. Neglected have they been, burdening my eyes with sorrow.

Heavy, in the sweet scent of rain have they become. But I cannot release them on my own. Pull back the lids of my eyes and pry them from where I have chained them. Do not fear the pain you shall cause, for much, is old. If you must, plug the canals of your ears if my screams will bring horror upon your listening. Long has this pain waited to be heard. No longer to be shuddered by my attempts to keep it silent.

Do not fear the agony from each nail you shall draw from my eyes. Rusted they may be, from the misery that has soiled them. Causing sickness to my view, I, becoming ill set on believing the disease that has immured my happiness. I have become a casket for the damned, carvings of languages I do not know, canvass the walls beneath my flesh.

I am far from intimate with the world, I fret the feelings of closeness. To even be touched by the comfort of another retracts my skin. I scurry, as if I am not deserving of such things. As if I have plunged to deep into the black mass that shrouds like thick tar in darkness. Covering all existence of what little light amasses from under my eyes.

I feel an unfamiliar warmth form with each blink as your fingers dig. Grasping for each tear that reaches out. Furiously prying with every ounce of strength, as your own tears shed upon my suffered face. And though I fight back, do not stop, release each from its darkened chamber and let it breath. And if you believe, to not be strong enough, tie me down. But even then, if you do not have the guts to rip into the windows of my soul and cause me to bleed into the beautifully wretched world. Then please, walk away,

Before any harm brands us both.
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