Stars Of My Love

Stars Of My Love

And here, I slip into ecstasy, my world becomes a chamber of wonders. Where stars become more than just stars. Each becomes a piece of you, and I count them, pulling them from the sky. Choosing only the finest, for those are the ones you deserve. Placing their silk covered glow into my pocket. Feeling their warmth glow inside the deepest burrow of my heart.

And when I am lonely with out you. I pull them from my pocket, placing each upon my wall. Creating your silhouette so that before I close my eyes, I may see you one last time. Falling in peace as I look to the empty side of our bed.

And upon waking, I find you by my side. And as I gaze upon your presence, I smile. I look to the stars on my wall only to see them no more. For they have drifted into your eyes with magic. And when you open your eyes from your restful slumber. I see each star glisten, shinning bright against the blue ocean that fills the pearl white of your eyes.

Each connecting with such grace. I am at awe with each blink. You may find me mad in my thoughts, in the way I speak of you. But truly you are beautiful, you are the brightest star among my darkest nights. And my love is no less than before, but is more. For so long I wandered these streets with no thought of you, of no other.

But some how, in this turbulent world. You became the steady breeze that keeps my wings to the clouds. You found me when I was furthest from the hands of love. When my hands were in the dirt, keeping mind to the work before me.

And now I am splendid in your presence. I have been given a miracle, and I treat it well. I am humbled to have you before me. Each kiss we share, I praise those moments with bliss, each day we share, I carry those with much care.

And if I must fight demons, dragons, and drag the planets from the universe to show you my great devotion, so be it. I will go to the ends of the earth, I will walk the sun and rescue Icarus if I must.

For I am no longer just I,
But I are we.
Thank you for reading, when was the last time you wrote a letter to the one you love?
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