Speed Limits Kill

Speed Limits Kill

Dusk settles and I must drive. I must travel the roads and find something new. Burn the rubber from my tires and let the smell inspire the speed of my mind. Race the break lights ahead of me and never look back. Let me change the direction at which I ride.

Coasting along the oceans scenery and seeing things I never seen before. Looking to the night sky as if it were my first breath. The agitation of feeling suffocated drifts from my lungs. Free am I, to the the roads before me. Taking in new air and becoming something else.

Racing past the ghosts that peer through the rear view. And as I speed, their eyes become dull. They become something but distant headlights to my eyes. No more do I see red in the steering of my streets. I see green, green lights that press my foot to the pedal even deeper.

A rush over comes me as my hands grip the wheel tighter, fingers, bracing in pale white. My heart leaps with excitement and I am overwhelmed with serenity. Corners become dangerous but I am pumped with adrenaline around each challenge. I look on at those who steer with caution. Frightful of each bump, of each dark turn, of each unknown. For I used be that, I used to be a victim to the late night thoughts. The ticking clock that never stops, tick, tick, tick.

But I grabbed the wheel, pressed my foot upon the gas, and paid no attention to the binding rules others follow. Leaving behind all that weighs me down. And as I glide upon my heated wheels, I feel the angels race beside me as I take my heart to its limits. And if I should die upon these dim roads. If I should cross over the yellow and fly to the oceans and my wings fail me.

Let it be known, the rush of it all, was worth it.

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