Reluctant To Taste Your Dreams

Reluctant To Taste Your Dreams

Do not be reluctant to taste the marrow of your dreams. To cut through the squelching of your past as it screams from the scalpel you wield. Do no fear the addiction they may bring. The succulents they will vibrantly instill upon the tongue of your soul. Do no follow the shadows that will tempt you with meager escapes from the pain. Pain in reaching for what most speak of as fiction.

They twist the lines of their lives so that they may spill their ink from their pages. Only to blame the pen for the failure they have created. Do no wilt to the darkness that will brew in the stillness between the beats of your heart. For even a pinch of light, can rise, like yeast within dough.

Fill each moment with belief in the stars that only you can see. Spread your heart among the universe at which you have designed. Bend time to your will, do not let it slide. Do not become cumbersome under the falling sands. Stand, for as long as you do not struggle in pity, you will rise to the top.

Be humble in your makings, but be proud in your success. Find harmony in the planning of dreams. Do not suffocate that which loves you, and that which you love. With the burning of a candle, for drifting to far among the milk of your sky. You will surely drown alone.

Do not be bitter in those that will speak from the shade as you work in the heat. For they are but caustic to their own being. They walk with blisters of misery and look to them with despair, but build too much horror to cleanse them. For too much discomfort will come of such an action.

Many will become suspicious in your dwelling as you find yourself locked away from others. Becoming maddened in your architecture. They will wonder that which you build, has any use. For truly, they wish you to fall. To collapse at the foundation of your actions.

Do not be reluctant, to dive into the lake of your heart. For even if you drown, their is another angel to lift you.
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