A Perfect View

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A Man's Traveled Heart

A Perfect View 

And I saw her and in that moment, her smile became a beacon. A light, as if I were a lost ship at sea. So close was I, to crashing to the rocks upon the shore. But upon the misted sea, a light shinned in the distance, a hand came forward and eyes opened in the sky.

A warmth over came my body. I felt as if an angel was lifting me to the heavens. All my burdens became but simple itches. Sustainable I felt, my thoughts froze in astonishment. My heart, blissful with each beat. My soul, dancing upon the waters of my rushing stream.

Everything seemed meaningless in that moment, everything but her. The room drew silent, my eyes fixated upon beauty. Lip's of lushes red, eyes of emerald bliss. A smile of stars and hair of golden threads. Speechless was my throat, tied was my tongue.

Admired her beauty did I. Lost in admiration I found laughter at every corner. I felt comfort at every look and felt sparks at every touch. An excess of dopamine flooded my mind and I felt high. But like an addict I crave for more.

I crave for the exchanging of our words. For the trading of glances, for the sharing of laughs. I crave the exuberance that she displays for life. She captures the galaxy in one simply gesture. Her personality spills of excitement, with confidence and care.

No heavy waste seems to drag behind, she flows with each step. Perfection was she? Yes, must one truly ask such a question?

But, is she but a dream I wonder, am I so lost that any light will be seen from the shore? No, for I still have this strange craving for more. There is something to be said for the chemistry of the heart.

Especially for moments that were no more than words.
Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it. Has anyone brought great comfort to your heart?
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