A Moment In the Middle East

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A Moment In the Middle East

A scorching sun canvasses the grounds. Flesh becomes its victim, sweat pours with no end. As if envious in seeking air. Eyes watchful of the distant, heads on a swivel. Hearts race in anticipation, crowds walk as adrenaline pumps.

The smell of gun powder stifles the nose. Tight grips upon steel, chambered brass. Sands flood the lungs, faces smeared in exhaustion. Thirst grips the throat, thoughts of home fumble the mind. Focus, focus, focus.

Distant shots, a setting sun, strange beauty comes to life. Barren lands seeping in anger, pointless in attempt to save. Lost, young, raged in empty hours of this land. Brothers shoulder to shoulder, but for what?

The eyes become useless as night arises from its chambers. Stars shower the blackened sky, the moon flaunts its elegance. Eerie becomes the view, shadows dancing between street lights and stars. Wind gusts with a warm kiss.

Now hues of green become the view. Skewed in perception but eyes trained in this moment. Thump, thump, thump, beats the heart in the silence of now. Heat becomes the view of some, black and white.

Hours pass, hunger awakens, stress corrupts and thoughts of another life become present.


A rushing of commands, steel carriages dash in calculated motion. Clouds form in ominous approach, rain falls. Death at foot, voices in static, orders called in the flurry of emotions. But steady, calm, though the heart is racing.

This is the moment I trained for, the moment to prove skill, hard work, and strength.

But I, I grip not steel, but a damn steering wheel.

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