Thoughts Will Bring Pain

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Thoughts Will Bring Pain 

Tap tap, do you hear that?

The tapping of thoughts, the eagerness for them to flow. To break the walls from your broken heart and become full. To escape the meddling of their existence. 

Stifled in their exuberance for far too long. They wish to be heard, to be felt, to be open to the world that some wish never to breathe. 

But that I say, is because those are the ones, who contract their dreams to size of their nails. To listen with anxious appeal, never to dig them from the ground. To leave them behind the walls of fear. Only to have them tickle the senses of life, from time to time. To have them whisper like frightened children from the torment of monsters beneath their bed. 

Thoughts bring much joy and much pain, but one who traps them like foul rodents. Will never find them to be joyous. They will only pout with black tongues and tears of tar. Sticking to a narrative so vicious, the sound of rats gnawing in hunger upon flesh will seem pleasing to one. A narrative so ugly, they will live it as if it is their breath. Believing each thought as if it will bring new birth. But only to be dragged like the decaying damned to hell. To cut them from the freedoms of free will. Leaving them fruitful in lies and vile to truth. 

They smell wretched to the soul as they linger in the haste to cut the dangling of thought, that taps, taps, taps on top of their noggin. 

If you hear the tap, tap, tapping of thought. Do not close the shutters, the doors, and the windows. Listen with curiosity, but not with blindness in attempt to listen. For each thought can bring truth, but others bring truth from lies, lies that breaks one honest breath. That shatter, and leave one drifting to the waves of the sleazy, the immoral. 

Creating a miserable abandoned facade of ones self. Perverting the senses of thought, acting as if one is worthless. That the world is nefarious, filthy, and impure in living. That judgement in collection is righteous. That others are the bringers of pain, oppression, and the damned. 

But be not one whom locks away thoughts and listens in blindness for the temptation of blame, of pity, and pain. Be one that opens the flood gates with ship at hand, holding the helm with bravery and starch. 

Be free in the action of thought, but we wise in which thoughts to bring action to. 

Do you give the right thoughts attention? What is something you tell yourself that you know you shouldn't? Let me know in the comments, maybe some one can help you find a way through it.

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