Our Forgotten Books

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Our Forgotten Books

Wall to wall, this room holds memories, not just of me, but of others as well. Its nostalgic perfume brims of good times, of bad times. Alive is this place, as words can mend and words can soar. Brilliance, hidden behind each cover, patiently waiting to be unraveled. To be heard, to be read, to become the thought of another.

This place, this dwindling place, where many search only when professors profess academia upon the halls. When grades are met in standard of ones knowledge to paper. But this place, though slowly forgotten. Thrives among many though they be few. Like the stem of dandelion, hundreds spread, upon a single room.

In this place, all senses come to life. The aroma of old pages, of new pages, drift in comfort to the mind. The touch of books, of words, silent, blended, rough, smooth. Rippled with wrinkles of excessive lectures, or obsession to discover.

Each row, each shelf, holding a billion thoughts, a billion dreams, a billion words. All huddled in masses to create a brilliant feature. A feature that can change ones mind forever. A feature that brings thoughts to life. That spins the imagination upside down and brings the soul soaring to the clouds. A feature that creates new ideas and cares for the old.

This is a place of beginnings, old and new. A place where children arrive with hearts of innocence and grow. A place where the mature go to hone their imagination their skills. A place where ideas expand and shrink. A place where what one once believed is changed.

Where nothing is left to the censors of society, of the screaming majority. It is but a place of exploration, of harmony, of creation, of fantasy and reality. A place where one can diverge their thoughts with another.

This place is where one can find the truth to a lie, but also where on can fall to a lie. If not careful in the discovering of others words.

But no matter the fading of this place, though I fear it may some day never be. I shall hold its existence in me, but not before building one for myself. 
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