My Words Of Christmas

A Man's Traveled Heart
My Words Of Christmas

The first snow, the bleaching of soil with gentle flakes. The swirling of rich aromas drift in the season of this moment. Music flourishes to the design of today. Memories float like the falling of snow, but sticking like a taste. Forgotten, but only till one comes upon it again. Smiles, cheerful sentiments, the ever sentimental decorating of it all.

The thumping of young hearts rushing through homes. Splurging in the imagination of what has been given. As the matured converse in the fond memories of it. Laughing in the taste of spirits, the embracing of today.

Chest nuts roast in complimentary trace of eggnog and roast. As laughter dances in the exhaustion of voice. But no memory becomes forgotten in this day.

The sun shines in a gentle tone behind the powered sky. The breath of winter settles briskly upon nature as birds chirp in the silence of the cold. Nature, settled in white, brings a whole new life. Caked with thought in the existence of it.

A tree, shimmering in the windows of homes. Lights gleaming in patterns, in decoration. Love nourishes today. While excitement trails through the moments of it like feathers to the south.

The horizon of earth is gentle in its view. Coated in the beauty of the frozen but brimming with life though Branches, naked to the living of winter. But upon the fall of the first snow, they live once again. No longer bare to their missing of colors. But grasped in the purity of design, of perfection.

Today, is Christmas day, and much life is found in today. Much collides in grace like the stars above us. And for one day, the world seems at harmony in the presence of it all.
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