A Simple Letter To My Love

A Simple Letter To My Love 

Dear future love,

Who ever you may be, I pray for your safe passage. Not only to the finding of my heart, but to the struggles of life. Through all things that wish to bring harm upon you, before, during, and after me. For I know the devil has no place of rest.

I will be the utmost spectacle of perfection for you. Even if that means having to watch the sappiest shows and dramas I may find sour to my eyes. I will hold doors open for you, not because you are weak. But because you deserve the graces of a gentleman.

I will be but the sunrise when your heart is heavy. I will lift it from the swamps of anguish and condensate upon your heart like dew upon morning grass. Bringing nutrients to the veins of your soul as we hold each other in the tough times, and the simple times.

I will laugh when you do something dumb, as I hope you will do to me. As we are humans, and laughter upon stupidity, is the best lesson to see that mistakes are curable.

I will give you my heart like one gives away breath, never able to take it back. I will play your favorite song when you are stressed and dance like life has brought us nothing but joy. I will shower you in kisses like a bed laid of roses.

I will calm my heart when we find the lips of anger upon us. I will listen like the seasons in chaning. Giving room to all thoughts, opinions and wishes. Giving an equal field of needs met for both of us.

This is but a short letter to my future love. For there is too much I pray to bring to you that will not fit upon a single page.

I will be but your gentleman, poured upon a thousand pages, with a thousand chapters filled with my indebted heart, to your love of me.


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