The Small Things Bring Life

Happy Thanksgiving 

The Small Things Bring Life  

Hi everyone, this is just a little letter I want to write.

A letter that will hopefully help you find things you are thankful/grateful for. I have found that the best way to become thankful and stay thankful. Is to guide the heart to being thankful for the small things in life.

The things we have in our daily lives that bring us the things we enjoy and need in life. Things like the rain, rain gives us so much. Even though it comes with the dreary crowd of clouds. The rain gives the world the ability to grow things, to bring hydration to the smallest things in the world. Things that even our eyes can't see.

And each little thing in someway helps keep the big things going, like trees. Which gives us clean air to breathe. So that we may continue to embrace the beauty of life and be able to venture outside.

We can even be thankful for the mere thought to be able to speak, write, or communicate in general. So much is able to accomplished at the whims of communication. Being able to speak allows us to communicate our ideas instantly. Without having to write them down or set up some crazy plan to speak. We are able to transfer our thoughts into reality, we are able to take those thoughts and bring them to our voice.

We have so much to be thankful for, some have more to thankful for than others. But sadly, those with less too often. Are more thankful than those with plenty.

Take this time, not just today, to be thankful/grateful the small things in life. For the big things come from these little things. Enthrall yourself in the wings of life and fly high off the things your are thankful for.

Become thankful on a daily basis and life will give back. Life will find a way to become sweeter, but not without its bitterness for a reminder. We are given more than we should be given, but in being thankful, you will find ways to give back.

Thank you for reading and hope you all have an epic day.

A Man's Traveled Heart 

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