The Lust For Riches

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The Lust For Riches 

The waves crash with furious might, the winds howl with a raging voice. Clouds crowd the skies, sparking with brilliantly lights. Not a single gap in the sky can be seen for miles. The horizon lay hidden behind the crashing waves. An ominous feel grips the air as sailors do their best to direct the ship.

But natures forces, have become ever inpatient in swallowing the ship. Men are tossed over board like splinters pulled from flesh. The captain, with his patched covered eye and grim face. Stands his ground with every intent to survive the storm. His voice bellows with command as his men follow. But the hope to survive, is fading like the eye of lighthouse in a misty morning.

Many of the captains men have become crazed in fear. The hand of nature has drawn them to a weakened state. Their faith in themselves has dwindled like the sun to this storm. Though, their captain stands ready to die till his last breath.

These men aboard this ship, are now only concerned with themselves. Their lust for treasure has led them to this frenzied storm. Hooked upon the treasures of a map, has brought no comfort in this dire time. The captain has yet to draw the white flag from his heart. But as the ship becomes overwhelmed by the power of the waves. Treasure begins to spill from the ship. It falls to the ocean and glitters against the flashing sky.

The captains eyes draw quickly to the flashes of gold and jewels. His hands become loose upon the mast. The ship instantly becomes a mindless piece of drift wood. Being thrown to the whims of the ocean. More men are tossed from the ship. Some hang from ropes they cling to, while others are misfortuanely hung.

The captain, blind to the condition of his ship and men. Stumbles with anxious effort to reach the gut of the ship. His skin crawls with obsessive loss upon seeing his falling treasure. He reaches the gut of his ship. Treasure lay spilled upon all inches of the floor like spilt barrels of barley wine. A few men lay dead, crushed by the treasure. The ocean continues to control the ship like a loose feather to the wind. And treasure is continued to be disgorged like sickness from an ill body.

But the captain pays the dead men no mind. Nor the destiny of his ship or himself, if continued to be governed by the ocean.

And with His eyes winded with fearful lust of losing all his riches. He gathers up as much as he can into his pockets. But he is tossed about the ship, losing most of what he gathers. But, in ignorance he latches his hands onto the treasures over and over. Frantically shoving it into what ever will hold the gold and jewels.

The storm still wildly alive, has killed all men aboard this now empty ship. The captains mind has lost all relation to his men, his ship, and even himself. The storm does not let up, the rain batters the ship like a million fists. Lightning strikes with an almost murderous intent. The clouds devour the sky with no eagerness to open .

And the captain now lay buried beneath the treasure.

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