I Close My Eyes To Live

I Close My Eyes To Live

I am twisted in the fate of life, its hands mold and knead with precision. Though I wish to resist its envious hands. I do not become complacent in my own doing. For life may be a bitter voice, but in the bitterness, I taste the sweet nectar of destiny that leads with milky lips.

For I have found that in the anger of life, there is happiness. And in the pains of life, I have found a seed that sprouts a mighty root. A root that grounds me from the storms. And I am able to grow to the heavens. To reach the stars and talk among the moon.

And on the moon, I reach into my pocket of tears and plant them one by one, carefully. And in the planting I hear my broken heart weep for each. For each tear, had given me release of the hollowed voices that whispered in my ears.

And now, now drums of my magnificent imagination. Triumphantly conquer the lands of the damned that have spread like disease upon my thoughts. Life, may be a vile in its intentions, to watch one go mad in their own skin.

But in the madness, in the nefarious waves of life. Much treasure can be found buried beneath the sands of time, beneath the crashing of the waves. But I must be willing to abandoned my ship and dive to the floors of my soul.

I must be wiling to hold my breath in the fear of death. To close my eyes, only then, am I able to truly see. To listen to all things pure, to not step idle from myself. Nor from the powers that be at hand in my birth.

I am nothing more than the living carcass of a soul. But I will not let the torments of life drag me back to rotten lands of damned. The lands where nothing but feeble echoes of those who only walked with bruised tongues. Never to lay rest to the bitter taste and place the pleasures of the soul upon it to heal.

I am twisted in the fate of life, but I will not allow it to break me before my time. I am the living of my dreams. 

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